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SpazzyJazzy Name: Sandflower

Gender: F

Clan: Shadow

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: One banana, two banana, three banana, four! Five banana, six banana, seven banana, more!

Personality: Sandflower is a sweet-tempered and loving cat, much the opposite of her Clanmates. She doesn't like fighting, especially if there's no need to, but she's loyal to her Clan and would jump into battle if ordered so. She's timid, making it easy for cats to walk all over her, and as much as she hates it she's too scared of insulting somebody to speak up. She doesn't feel any softer towards the other Clans, but she's a helper, and if somebody was in trouble she would immediately leap to their side. She feels many speculate why she didn't become a Medicine Cat, yet she takes this as an insult, as if they think she's a hopeless warrior or something.


Kin: Open

Crush: Open

Mate: Open

Apprentice: Open


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Jazzy.... I refuse to click that link. *crosses arms*
Any particular reason for the burst of new characters?

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SpazzyJazzy Click it... *Pushes Yum-yum towards link*

Nope. No reason. They're just semi-based off real life cats.

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I clicked it :) so cool. How do you do it?

Did it work? Did it work? *Crosses Fingers*

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SpazzyJazzy YEP! ^.^

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How do you do that?????????

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SpazzyJazzy <=a href="http://www.goodreads.com">my link text

Take out the equals sign in front of the a, and replace the goodreads link with your own, and my link text with what you want it to say.

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