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Graziella (grazia) | 1453 comments Mod
SoapOperaWeekly magazine has an article on the Vampire Diaries where Julie Plec (co-exective producer) shares some hints about this season....And Actor's discuss their characters.

Preview of what is to come on The Vampire Diaries....

she quotes "I think anybody who thinks they've got the bead on Katherine is going to be sorely mistaken," then.." I will say, without giving too much away, that [the characters do] learn just how diabolical she really is and the lengths she's willing to go to."

Then speaking of Jeremy how he lost two girlfriends and the turmoil he has gone through. "I think, at this point, Elena's the only family he has left. He lost his parents; he los [Vicki and Anna], two girls that he loved. Elena is the only connection to the human world he has left, besides family responsibilities. So, though he still doesn't fully trust her, he loves her and always will- and he'll do anything to protect her."

So the question is will Jeremy find love? to this Julie answers : "You can expect a dabble, with a capital 'D'" - "That's all we're promising, because we haven't written it yet. It could possibly be somebody that we already know," she teases

In the meantime Jeremy will encounter the deliciously devious Katherine. "if your're getting involved in the vampire world, you're bound to run into Katherine, because she's kind of the showrunner," Laughs McQueen

Co-executive producer Kevin Williamson reveals that Matt will continue to have a rough go of it. "What's fun about Matt right now is he's sort of on his own and he has nobody. He's paying his own way through life, and so he's our sad, human character who needs to rise above."

That means that Matt and Caroline reunion isn't in the cards quite yet. "Caroline's doing the right thing; for once, she's not thinking about herself," points out Zach Roerig (Matt). "She loves Matt and wants to save him, and I think Matt is just at this point in his life...he's had to deal with so much crazy, he doesn't have the time to stop and deal with it."

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Damon can be counted on to keep dealing with each other in an antagonistic fashion. "We're gonna keep going at it," promise Katrina Graham (Bonnie), who is intrigued by the idea of the enemies 'going at it' in more ways then one. "Julie has some great lines. She wrote for Katherine, in which Katherine was like, [Hatred] sounds like the beginning of a love story,' so we'll see," she muses. "I love doing scenes with Ian (Somerhalder, Damon). He's so fun and so creative."

SO who will Damon get creative with? While Williamson doesn't name names, he does confirm that the elder Salvatore brother will be hitting the sheets with someone "soon".

Snippets from The Vampire Diaries: Love Bites! article in Soap Opera Weekly Magazine located on pg 40.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 175 comments Mod
Like I said before, Bonnie and Damon is my it couple! I kind of wish I could write the script for Vampire Diaries. It would be so much fun to help write a script and seeing it turn into a full on episode.

message 3: by Graziella, Mrs.Bourne (new)

Graziella (grazia) | 1453 comments Mod
I knew you would like it, lol.

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 175 comments Mod
LOL, you know me so well!

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Graziella (grazia) | 1453 comments Mod
yes I do! lol are you watching the show? btw?

ⓘsⓐbεℓℓⓐ  | 175 comments Mod
Nope, too much to do right now.

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Graziella (grazia) | 1453 comments Mod
oh okay...i know the feeling however I finished my course work with an exam today. I'm hoping that i did good...with one day of studying lol's.....

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Graziella (grazia) | 1453 comments Mod
Also Soap Opera Weekly cost 3.99 in canada 2.99 in the united states

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