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Schuyler and Jack

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message 1: by Mariam (new)

Mariam (goodreadscombubblybubbles) | 1 comments Mod
What do you think?
Should Schuyler and Jack be together or no?

message 2: by Emery (new)

Emery (mimi_azrael) | 1 comments of course. they have been through a lot both together and apart. They just want to be happy together. Why not let them right?

message 3: by Michele (new)

Michele Well I don't think Jack should be with Mimi who he thought was his sister til not long ago and Mimi really wants the other guy any way, I think he could still be saved lol Sky and Jack 4 sure

message 4: by Black Queen (new)

Black Queen (blackqueen) of course jack and schyuler should be together, see how they love each other will never break up for no one.

message 5: by Charmed1 (new)

Charmed1 | 3 comments I so want Jack to be with Schyuler. Jack wants to do the "right thing" and stay with Mimi but his heart and soul belongs to Schyuler. He needs to fight for his love! : )

message 6: by Black Queen (new)

Black Queen (blackqueen) thank you, mimi needs to just find another love one and leave jack alone. Obviously jack doesn't want mimi anymore.

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