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message 1: by valee (new)

valee I am a super huge sucker foe happy endings. Usually though I don't like most romance books because they turn HEA into cheesy and corny endings.

What I like the most about this author is that she makes the best endings. The ones in which the characters have to struggle to get them. But the really good thing is that the characters never have this crazy attraction for each other where they are telling they love each other after the second they met. I love that, I adore to see the characters fighting the world to get to love each other. The more they struggle the more I enjoy the ending. And she knows just how to do it, because she always assures us at least half of the book with the characters really liking each other.

message 2: by KarenH (new)

KarenH | 8 comments I agree with you, Vale. SEP writes wonderful endings. In the majority of her stories, the hero comes to terms with his feelings for the heroine in the last 1/3 of the book and then makes a heartfelt, touching declaration of his love for her.

I like the fact that none of her heroines are TSTL. In the beginning they might have no self-confidence, be over-confident, too shy, too outgoing, a little dingy or way too cynical. No matter, SEP heroines always evolve and mature during the course of their stories. Most importantly, they learn to love and respect themselves...leaving no opportunity to become a doormat!

I love the fact that, so far, all of SEP's books have been released in audio book format. I've "read" all of her books but haven't actually read one in print. Anna Fields - one of the best in the business - narrates the majority of SEP's books. Sadly, Anna died several years ago in a flash flood...making the books she narrated that much more coveted today. If anyone has never listened to an audio book but wouldn't be adverse to trying one, this is the ideal place to start. Heaven, Texas was my first audio book and here I am 250 audio books later chomping at the bit in anticipation of listening to Call Me Irresistible.

I like how SEP fools everybody into thinking they've got her writing style down after reading the Stars series, Lady Be Good, First Lady, Kiss An Angel, Fancy Pants, etc. Then they read Honey Moon and are blown away that a story so dramatic - so intense and emotionally charged - is written by the same author they have come to know and love for her sweet romances. HM is my favorite book by SEP and one of my all-time faves as well, but I never recommend it to SEP fans for fear I'll be dodging tomatoes. Honey Moon is heart wrenching and you most definitely need to fortify yourself with plenty of Kleenex if you go there. But it is an amazing story and so wonderfully written that you must go there. It has a great HEA.

message 3: by valee (new)

valee What's TSTL?

I've almost added Honey moon to my TBR pile but as I saw not very good reviews decided not to. Should I add it Karen?

Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim) (jim_formerly_photojim) | 15 comments TSTL is Too Stupid To Live.

I generally like a cocky heroine with snappy dialog.

message 5: by valee (new)

valee hhahahahaha. I had never heard that. I like my heroines with a personality too. I hate it when they are all dull and boring. Most times I don't even remember their names. But it has not been like that with SEP's heroines.Not even once

message 6: by Tori (new)

Tori (torie417) | 13 comments I agree about Honey Moon. Both it and Hot Shot are completely different from all of SEP's other books. Aside from having the distinction of being told in parts, they're much more emotional and a tad bit dark but very good nonetheless. I think they mostly get bad reviews because people who read them expect them to have the same light romantic comedy feel to them as her later books.

message 7: by Nisha (new)

Nisha (parakisu) | 24 comments I'll be honest. That's exactly why I couldn't read Honey Moon. I like the light-heartedness. Even Glitter Baby was bordering on dangerous with me. Give me the Chicago Stars anyday, and I'd be happy.

message 8: by KarenH (new)

KarenH | 8 comments I agree with Tori. Readers new to SEP probably start with one of the Stars' books, love it and read the rest of the series. By then, they've read 5 or 6 books by this author that all deserve a "awww, that was so cute" comment at the end. With that mindset, they start reading Honey Moon and keep waiting for the cuteness that never comes. Not only that, the secondary story deals with an issue that can only be described as the polar opposite of light and cute. It's no wonder readers don't like HM....they feel deceived (even though this book was written before the light romances)

message 9: by valee (new)

valee But it is romance right? And has a HEA? If so, I don't see why people would not like it. Not because it is not a light read should not be good.

message 10: by Nisha (last edited Oct 28, 2010 06:17PM) (new)

Nisha (parakisu) | 24 comments But, that's the point. The lightness is what attracted me to SEP's books. I never even touched contemporary romance before that. She changed that for me and I've grown overly fond of her formula.

message 11: by Rossy (new)

Rossy (naughtybookjunkie) | 12 comments I agree with you Karen. I can honestly say that there was not one heroine i wanted to slap in the entire series!

message 12: by valee (new)

valee Nisha I'm with you. I thought contemporary romance was too light and dull for my taste, but after SEP I am a huge fan of contemporary. I just don't like chick lit. But I don't think any of SEP can get confused as chick lit. Even though some characters can seem shallow at the beginning, once we get to know them we know it's not true.

message 13: by KarenH (new)

KarenH | 8 comments Lady Vale wrote: "But it is romance right? And has a HEA? If so, I don't see why people would not like it. Not because it is not a light read should not be good."

Yep, the HEA in Honey Moon is trademark SEP...and Honey really deserved it! I guess when I read HM I was a little bit deceived at first, but it was my own fault. I had just finished Ain't She Sweet and in my mind I associated the name Sugar Beth with the name Honey Moon. lol I was wayyyy off.

message 14: by Barbie (new)

Barbie | 4 comments I finished Honey Moon yesterday wierdly enough I found my self thinking I still love SEP despite HM has a rough emotions. I Love it because you know they will end up together but they dont get together until the drop or alittle after. Every time i tried to stop and go to bed ( listened to it on tape) I couldn't! I had to keep on going . I was up until 3 am i was happy how it ended. I mean Honey is SEP 's tough female but she is a great character and i will reread someday.

message 15: by KarenH (new)

KarenH | 8 comments Barbie, I loved Honey Moon too. It is so different from SEP's other books - very dark & angsty - but it has her trademark great HEA! I listened to the audiobook as well and would recommend to anyone considering HM to try the audio version. There is a lot that goes on and the narrator gives each character a unique voice so the story is easy to follow.

message 16: by Rika (last edited May 18, 2011 03:03AM) (new)

Rika (ruminations) | 11 comments Her banter, the women can come up with the most amazing quips and comebacks that have me rolling over in hysterics. The depth of her female characters, is mindblowing she makes likable characters. On the other her hand I find her men to be generic and predictable.

message 17: by Finn (new)

Finn | 2 comments one of a few authors that make me laugh out loud. love her heroines and heroes, love her storylines, love the witty, droll banter oh i just love everything about her books:)

@nisha - me too; i never even used to read romances before! SEP got me hooked on them.

message 18: by Dee (new)

Dee Sauter (indeathaddict) One of the things I like about SEP is that several of the heroines has kind of a psychic gift, but it is so subtle. Like I remeber the name. This was the one that had been married to a Minister that was stealing all the money from the church.
Another one was Kiss an Angel Daisy had a connection with the animals.

message 19: by Shreya (last edited Feb 18, 2013 06:25AM) (new)

Shreya | 1 comments SEP is absolutely brilliant. From rib-tickling humour to excellently drawn out characters to close-to-heart stories, her books have it all. The best part about her books- the heroine is not just some dull-boring-have-no-goals-in-life kind of woman. She has her own dreams and her own demons to fight and the hero and the heroine have to work to get their happy ending.
Never before have I read, re-read and re-read some more any contemporary romance novel. Love her books to bits!

message 20: by Carol (new)

Carol Marques | 3 comments I have LOVED every single SEP book I've read....and I've read them all! My favorites were Glitter Baby, Simply Irresistable and Heroes are my Weakness. I have just read them all again a second time and loved them all again. I'm a SEPpie for life!

message 21: by Annette (new)

Annette (annettena) | 5 comments I love the humor. Her books make me laugh and at the same time I get very emotionally committed to the characters. The heroines are strong and smart and funny. The heroes are honorable and smart and committed to their life's work, whatever it may be. And the conversations are witty and interesting and they make me laugh. I do not believe I could pick a favorite.....each is special and wonderful.

message 22: by Jeanwong0710 (new)

Jeanwong0710 | 1 comments I love the way she developed the books. She took care all your senses, hearing, sight, smell, touch, emotions.... So far, I finished most her books by listening to audio version(Anna Fields was great, btw). As the writing went on, your could almost see the the story flow in front of your eyes, so vivid and tangible. The charactors were all unique and delicate that, by finishing half of the story, you could almost predict their talks and reactions. How amazing! Oh, I just love SEP. She is the best!

message 23: by ShoSho (new)

ShoSho  (shoshost) | 1 comments The humor and the groveling heroes !!

message 24: by Tam (new)

Tam (tam14) | 2 comments Her ability to really capture the thrill of falling in love. And her characters are 3-dimensional fir the most part.

message 25: by Annette (new)

Annette (annettena) | 5 comments I love the humor and the conversations between the heroines and heroes. The characters are believable as human beings. And the women are not all perfect. It is rather nice to know that even people who are not perfect can be lovable, loving and loved.

message 26: by Jean (new)

Jean Cowden | 3 comments I like her endings too. I love the humor and the geeky girls and macho men make an interesting combination. They have no attraction to these girls but slowly fall in love with them. Love all her books.

message 27: by Mizz (new)

Mizz | 9 comments The laugh out loud moments, the perfect amount of grovelling by the heroes, the HEA...need I go on?

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