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message 1: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments A large mansion, located in Central London. Large pines surround the acres, making the property seem as if it is not in the middle of things, but secluded and private. The House belonged to Drake's parents before Drake was kindapped by the Dark Lord. They moved after because the memories were to painful/

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) (Ooooooh! Drakey!)

message 3: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments ( Do you like it? ;D )

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) (Yes.....It's sentimental.....Your on! I'm in Computer Class! YAY! Heart you! RP?)

message 5: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments ( My classes start at 10:30 today. 'Course! :D )
*Apparates here with Hannah, holding James. They appear in the front yard, facing the house.*

message 6: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) (Ugh! Mine was at 10:00am)
*stunned silence* It's beautiful Drake. *grips his arm with a warm squeeze*

message 7: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments I'm glad you like it. It's my ... old house.
*bites his lip, nervous.*
Wellp, let's go inside, shall we?

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Yes, we should. *lays on encouraging hand on his shoulder as she adjusted the wiggling James in her arms/ She took the first step/ the house was breathtaking/ No Wonder his mother chose this house. *

message 9: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments *Walks through the lush, violently green grass, wet with dew, up the winding cement path and to the door, which is adorned with sleeping, stone lions on either side. Places a hand on the brass door handle, and turns it gently. He opens the door, and the Manor looks just as it did before his parents left. A sandstorm of memories flood him, Leesie, his father, his mother, the man with the birthmark stretched across his face, and many more things. Swallows, shoving the thoughts down.*

message 10: by Hannah (last edited Oct 28, 2010 09:09AM) (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) *enters behind her fiance with a babbling James and is struck with a sudden thought: Leesie and Drake lived her with their parents........Leesie's mother is still alive. * Drake?

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

((WOW! sounds like a nice place!! :P))

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) ((Thank you Drake! :) )

message 13: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments *turns*

( ^_^ You're welcome! )

message 14: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) *says tenitively*
Where's your mother?

message 15: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments ( gtg bye! :D ))

message 16: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) (BYE! *tears up* I miss you!)

message 17: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Hannah
*panic striken look relaxes*
Oh James.

Madi hurt.
Me better.
*clings to Madi*

message 18: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Hannah
*ushers Madi in*

message 19: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Hannah
Im glad you did.
I was getting worried.

message 20: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Hannah
*toches Madis arm*
Your hurt.

message 21: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) (gtg)
*seals the wounds with a water bandage*
Obsessed Michael?

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)


message 23: by Angela (new)

Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) | 192 comments ((I think he scares a lot of people no offense michael))

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

((he scares me to...hes a nice guy in real life when he wants to be mature)

message 25: by Angela (new)

Angela (thegreatwoodenfush) | 192 comments ((haha yeah i bet))

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)


message 27: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments *Walks down the stairs*
Hannah? Who's here?

message 28: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Hannah
*doesnt turn*
Madi, dear.
*puts a hand on Madi's hand*
I know.
He tried to kiss me.
I guess your his next obsession.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

*Pops in* Whats your problem! I don't even remember that I thought we were friends! And Maddie to talk about me behind my back! *Apperates only leaving an echo of his loud yells*

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

((I'm gonna be in the forbidden forest if anyone wants to comfort me))

message 31: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) James
*waves sadly at Madi with puppy eyes*

message 32: by Michael (new)

Michael | 267 comments *Knocks on the door* HANNAH, I need help... I think I'm drunk. *Bangs his head on the door reapeatedly*

message 33: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) *apparates with James and Drake*
I need to know what is going on Drake.
*looks at him ergently*

message 34: by Michael (new)

Michael | 267 comments I've been knocking at the door for a few hours. I need help I'm drunk!

message 35: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) *opens the door a crack*
If you have been banging for hours, you are sober now. Go home. Go to Hogwarts. Get on the train.
*closes the door and turns back to Drake*
Listen, Drake. I don't understand what is going on. You have to tell me, now would be a good time.
*very emotional*

message 36: by Michael (new)

Michael | 267 comments Fine *Whips out wand* Accio bed! *The bed comes and sits in the front of the lawn he lays on it and sleeps*

message 37: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) *doesn't hear Michael as she looks squarly at Drake*

message 38: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments Hannah wrote: "*apparates with James and Drake*
I need to know what is going on Drake.
*looks at him ergently*"

((( HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ))

I .. Voldemort thinks I betrayed him.
*Looks at her, his heart pounding.*

message 39: by Hannah (new)

*shakes her head as she opens a box retrieving a green vial*
Thats not what I mean, Drake.
*rolls it between her hands*

message 40: by Drake (new)


What do you mean then? What is that?
*His eyes flick down to the green vial, and his stomach rolls in anxiety, though he doesn't know why.*

message 41: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) (I Missed You!)
*narrows her eyes*
I saw your litle thing with Faith or Hope or whatever her name is and this *raises the vial* is the cure for your illness. Although, I dont know if I want to give it you now.

message 42: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments Drake:
What the hell are you talking about?

message 43: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Your little flirt fest with Hope about werewolfs and biting people. You just cannot go around biting people!
*glares at him*

message 44: by Drake (last edited Jan 01, 2011 03:48PM) (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments I wasn't flirting with her! She's eleven! And I didnt realize I'd bitten her.. I was a wolf, and she was in my--the Forest, I -- you told me you understood things like this, Hannah.

message 45: by Airi (new)

Airi  (master-of-nothing) | 173 comments ((Oh I love martial disputes. :3 ))

message 46: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments (( Oh I wish Hannah would reply. :P))

message 47: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Well, maybe I don't anymore! Maybe I am sick of all your secrets. Your cuz didn't even know who I was, who James was.
*close to an emotional breakdown*
I don't want to be on the outside, Drake. *eyes tear up* I don't know if I can..... *looks away from him for a moment* I don't know if I can do this a fight the other side of myself. *throws the vial and it smashes against him, the liquid penetrating his skin*

message 48: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments *Scowls as she throws the vial at him and looks away from her. He walks away and sits on a chair that faces the biggest window in the house.*
I don't keep secrets, Hannah. Simon lived in (( Sorry Emma )) Denmark; I didn't know he existed until I recieved a letter from my aunt and uncle that he would be attending Hogwarts and that I should look after him. I'm sorry I didn't tell you something I didn't know. I'm sorry I'm a werewolf and can't control my actions when the full moon hits. I'm sorry I bit an eleven year old. I'm sorry I killed my sister. What else do you want me to apologize for? What else have I hidden?

message 49: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) *tears up as sobs wrack her body*
*turns to him with tears streaming down her face*
All I know is that I think....I think...that....I like you being bad and then raging on you, because I've been doing that for so long that I don't know what else is there but.....*wipes her tears away* If you cannt change or beat them, you join them.

message 50: by Drake (new)

Drake  Handley | 83 comments Drake:
*Stands back up and mutters her name, not quite sure how to respond to that statement. I like you being bad and then raging on you.*
Hannah.. I don't .... I don't really know how to respond to something like that.
*Laughs wearily*
Would it help if I just kissed you?

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