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Kiki was walking through the darkened forest.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) violet walked around bored

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments Garret stretched himself out and jumped down from the large branch he was perched on. He leaned against the tree and closed his eyes.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) violet put her long flowingt black hair in a high pony tail so it was at her butt instead of her knees

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Kiki was hunting some animals. She preferred human blood but she thought that a missing person's case is the last thing she wanted.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) Ali yawned as she stepped out onto her back deck, eyes scanning the trees at the edge of her yard. ((is it morning?))

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Kiki stopped hunting when she notcied the sun coming out

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) ((oh, and is this the twilight type vamps?))

Ali smiled as she leaned against the house, watching the colors of the sun bleed into the sky.

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Kiki smelled another fellow vampire. She crouched down

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) ((kewl.))

She sighed before turning around to go back inside and get ready for school. First day. This would suck.

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Kiki knew she was inside of a house. Better to not disturb her.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) She came back outside, giving her dad a kiss on the cheek and grabbing a granola bar on the way out, unwrapping it and taking a bite as she slung her backpack over her shoulder and grabbed her keys out of the dish in the entryway before heading outside and getting in her rusty ford truck.

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Kiki slapped the trucks front end looking in at her.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) She jumped slightly,dropping her keys. "What the hell-" she said, confused. "Uh, can I help you with something?"

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"Yes you can. I'm looking for someone"

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) "I actually need to get to school. I'm sorry, but it's my first day, and. Cant be late." she picked the keys up and put them in the ignition.

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Kiki went over to her door and slammed it.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) "Okay, look. I have no idea where you came from, or how you knew I was here, so can you please leave me alone? I really, really need to get to school."

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Kiki sighed and said "I'm you're grandmother's friend"

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) "What? How do you know my grandmother?" she stared at her, confused.

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"She's the one that changed me" Kiki said.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) "What the hell? Get away from me right now, or I swear I will call the police." her voice shook slightly as she spoke.

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Kiki sighed and said "What you don't believe me? Ask her. She's one of us. She's a vampire"

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) "I buried my grandmother 8 years ago. She had a heart attack. You're insane. Now please, I need to get to school."

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"She's the one that changed me. You have to believe me"


Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) "No, I have to get to school. I think I may walk if it gets me away from you, you lunatic!" she got out if the car with her backpack and began walking, then running to put more distance between her and the girl. The school was closer than she thought it would be, and she walked in to the office with minutes to spare.

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) LuciE examined her surroundings carefully.Smiling to herself, she silently crept up behind Garret, slipping around in front of him and leaning against the tree trunk also. She studied his face carefully.

Yay new rp!!))

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments He jumped slightly and looked down at her before shoving his hands into his front pockets. He sighed and muttered, "Can I help you in anyway possible....?"

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) "Mm, no. I was just trying to figure out what you were doing," she smiled slightly, noting his movements.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments He groaned. "Well, I was trying to take a nap-again, but now that you're here..." he trailed off. "That's impossible now isn't it?"

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) "You would be correct," she smirked, running a hand absently through her hair.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) ((hey, can someone else be going to the high school that Ali is?))

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Maybe..? Sure, why not? Bestie friends?? Lol :] ))

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments "Something deeply within me is saying that you won't be leaving me alone anytime soon." he said and walked up to her with a smile on his face.

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) "It sounds like you want me to stay," she smiled coyly, shifting her weight casually.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) Xo. Brittin&Jace .oX wrote: "Maybe..? Sure, why not? Bestie friends?? Lol :] ))"

((haha! But yeah.))

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Yesss!! Lol x] ))

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments "I never said that." he denied and scoffed. "You assume things too much." He rotated his shoulder nervously.

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) "Maybe. It's either that or I'm a good judge of character," she smiled innocently, throwing in a wink for good measure. But, he was right, she wouldn't be going anywhere.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments He placed his hand on her back and pushed her along. "Let's take a walk shall we?" he said with a smirk on his face.

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) "Only if you insist," she said, playing coy and allowing him to guide her through the forest, the sunlight throwing oddly shaped patches of light on the two.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments "It wouldn't be such a smart idea to leave you in the middle of the forest." he mummbled aloud. "Why are you clinging onto me? Why don't you want to leave my side?" he pondered.

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Quick question--does he know she's a vamp? And he's one too, right? Oh crap that's two questions.,hehe sorry I can't count..))

"I think I'd make it alright out here. Always have. Probably always will. And you should take it as a compliment that I'm clingy. That's all you'll get from me," she smirked, brushing the hair from her eyes.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments ((no and yes, if that answers them both,:D))

He studied her face and stared into her eyes. "You are one strange, strange girl." he said with a smile before looking away. "I hope you know I'm not a people's person-at times."

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) "Doesn't matter. Me either. Except when I'm around guys. That's a different story," she grinned, her gaze sweeping the forest in front of her before straying to the boys face once more.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments He looked down at her. "Then why don't you mind telling me this story then?" he asked. "You're being sarcastic when you say that, right?"

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ash (can i join)

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments (yeah, just wander through the forest)

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ash (ok thank you)

jess was wandering though the woods

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 47 comments Garret turned his head to the sound of rustling of which he heard. "Is anyone there?" he called out.

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