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message 1: by Andy (new)

Andy Strum (fed-upamerican) | 8 comments This election is looking like all the others. Negative campaigning, very little policy information, and very shallow. The American people deserve better.

Let the candidates tell us what they will do and why we should vote for them. Why are they different then the person in office now? What is their track record on issues? What accomplishments are they proud of? Or why should the incumbent be re-elected. We don’t need, and frankly are tired of, the opposing candidate telling us about their challenger. Let them speak for themselves.

Just because a candidate has more money to spend, produces more ads than the opposition, has a great advertising team or speaks louder doesn’t make him or her a better choice.

We don’t need to hear what the opposing candidate did 10 years ago, who they slept with, what they did in college or who they associated with while growing up. Some of us have changed over the years and would like to be judged for whom we are now and what we represent.

If you’re tired of the same old campaigning, raise your hand (okay, put your hand down). It’s time (actually, past the time) to be treated like intelligent adults. We will make decisions on what a candidate has to offer, or, for or against what an incumbent has achieved. The negative campaigning needs to stop. Maybe we should not make donations to candidates that use our money to pursue this track.

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message 2: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy Maybe the question is: Do the American people deserve better, or is this what works in elections? Do you really have that much faith in the electorate, Andy? I haven't read your book yet, but I'll bet it places much of the blame on politicians. To blame all of our politicians for our problems seem to me like the easy way out. I talk to people who complain about politics, and then I ask them some specific questions and they have no clue. So who's to blame for their ignorance?

The people who write some of these ads have learned that if you repeat something often enough, it becomes the truth. That seems to me to be what they are doing. The Republican party set out to wreck Obama's administration from day one. Can you ever remember when the Senate would need 60 votes to pass almost everything to avoid a Republican filibuster?

To avoid those negative ads, we would need a more "liberal" minded Supreme Court that would not treat corporations as if they were individuals, I mean what's next: gun rights for corporations?

Then we would need to create a better system that can remove some of the money out of the game. It's that welfare for the rich that makes them influence elections and then get rewarded for it later.

But it still comes down to our ability to become educated about our candidates and our two party system. And "throw the incumbents out" is not the answer. It's knowing about your incumbent and what kind of person she or he is.

message 3: by Andy (new)

Andy Strum (fed-upamerican) | 8 comments Jimmy,
Thanks. In one respect you hit the nail on the head. I don't have great faith in politicians. I don't believe it's their fault, I believe a system that allows politics to become a career instaed of short term public service is at fault. For years I have been concerned about the direction of our country, particularly the deterioration of personal responsibility. I also feel the public is willing to let the government solve many of the problems families should be solving. This speaks to your concern about us willing to take a " soundbite" as the Gospel instead of educating ourselves on the issues. Thanks for your comments.

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