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message 1: by Alycia (new)

Alycia | 549 comments Mod
Feel free to chat about spoilers and the book in its entirety here :)

message 2: by Moni (new)

Moni | 79 comments So I kept reading as suggested..and can not believe it has gone to where I expected with the priest. And now she is prego with his baby?? (this whole bit was very predicable to me) Geez.. I am still not truly into the book but will finish it. The whole child and priest thing through me from the very beginning. Maybe that's why I can't really get into it. Just not my type of read I guess. But more to come, still not on that last page yet..

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 183 comments Yeah I found it a bit strange too... But also kind of romantic that he loved her from when she was a little girl (in a non-creepy way) to when she was an adult and hard as he tried, he couldn't keep away from her! It did get a bit predictable actually, but I liked that they finally had sex! And nice for her to have his baby.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 183 comments Has anyone finished this book? What did you think?

message 5: by Moni (new)

Moni | 79 comments I did, finished yesterday. I was not thrilled, not my kinda read. I was way creeped that he liked her as a little girl and was so "drawn" to her. Also they made Frank such a big deal at the beginning then when he comes back there is like five sentences about him. Nothing about how he feels for his sister anymore or anything. All they say was he was different since prison. It was very predicable to me also like Jessica said. Just not a book for me but I pushed on so I could still chat with the group about I was bored with it mostly and just found Ralph's character too creepy for me to attach to. I would say my favorite character in the whole book was

message 6: by Linda (new)

Linda C | 30 comments I haven't read the book in years (read it in high school when it first came out). Maybe it deserves a re-read at some point.

In any case, I'm wondering if it hasn't aged well. If anyone wasn't aware, it was a HUGE success when it was first published, think "Dragon Tattoo" kind of huge, so maybe there are flaws in the book that were overlooked at the time because it became such a cultural and media event. Everyone was reading the book.

And there was a mini-series, I'm dating myself, but the mini-series starred Richard Chamberlain as the priest, an australian actress named Rachel something as Meggi and an australian actor named Bryan Brown (I think that was his name) as a character that I don't remember. In any case, Bryan went on to have a pretty good career, Rachel something met and married Bryan and pretty much left acting, and Richard Chamberlain continued to act until he died, sometime in the 90s.

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Jessica | 183 comments Moni I agree - Frank was such a main character at the beginning and then he just completely disappeared throughout most of the book. Quite pointless? I also don't like how the book went through a few generations - I prefer it focusing on the same characters throughout, not introducing new main characters at the end!

message 8: by Megan (new)

Megan | 410 comments I loved it, I have read it since I first read The Bronze Horseman and confirmed that TBH is my very favourite book of all time, knocking The Thorn Birds from its perch... BUT whilst I also didn't like Ralph, I found the family tragedy over the years epic, and the irony of Ralph realising too late that Dane was his child. How could a man be so stupid and blind?

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Moni | 79 comments Amen with the whole stupid and blind I felt the same way. Then when Ralph kicks the bucket I assumed there would be more to it. More tragedy on Meggies part at least. But he just drops a bit after finding out about dane. I guess I did like the way the story moved over the years . I don't mind books going through time, this just wasn't the story for me thats all.

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Leea | 317 comments Jessica wrote: "Has anyone finished this book? What did you think?"

I finished some time ago. I loved it! I did not think Ralph loved Meggie like a romanitic love when she was a child. He was just drawn to her and knew she needed some attention because she was not shown that at home. It was a heartbreaking story of love and loss. I will admit as a cathlic the relationship between ralph and Meggie made me uncomfortable. Great Read!!

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