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message 1: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Hyatt-James (sandyhyatt-james) I have the most placid, adorable dog (neutered), who loves people. However, whenever he sees a child, he barks and growls to such a degree I have to be very firm with him. Does anybody know why this happens.

message 2: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Hyatt-James (sandyhyatt-james) Hi, Amy. No, he's been with us since being a pup. I wonder whether it's the pack mentality thing and he sees children as 'lower status', or something like that.

message 3: by Paige (new)

Paige (paige1213) | 34 comments my dog does it and parents back away, but he may be only playing. children tend to be at the same height as the dog, so he may be trying to play with the kids. also he may not have been around children much as a pup, which could mean he's not been socialised with them and thinks they are other dogs or something, dogs don't think the same way that we do... unfirtunately, lolz

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