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Leaning-Good (suka) | 63 comments Mod
Truly I am not native in English, so I can do some mistakes easily if I do a long writing, but I will try, so please do not feel annoyed to read it, I’m just playing in the learning way.

2 days ago, I found some words in my dictionary that made me want to post some thoughts.

In the time with my Dictionary, I feel interested in 2 words ;

One is “Ma foi”, my small dictionary tell that, it’s an interjection , above this word in my dictionary is “Mafia”, the same meaning to criminal world or underworld.

Another word which I feel fun to meet it is “Cat” in the same meaning to “Vomit”

I think, I can not believe in dictionary especially in one small dictionary, some mistake can happen easily when I don’t know how different of the meaning in the same word if I use it in different situation
[ I think I am professional one in doing some mistakes in English and playing with it ,HA! ]

Thai language also, have many different meaning in the same word, some Thai words we can write it in the same way, but if we a little bit say it in different tone that will make it to be another word ; the attractive tactics of language which has happened by nature of different society, I think that full of living containing inside.

I don’t know, “cat” in the meaning of “Vomit” is an impolite word or not, my dictionary just tell me the meaning, also, “Ma foi, may be it’s not “today” word, because I never heard anyone say this word in real life.

But the real point of this comment is not what is the real meaning of these 2 words, but I want to tell about how living I can feel through these 2 words.

I want to laugh when I think about CAT Society, in the way of my playing at the group maybe made someone want to CAT at me! [HA HA HA!]

Also, I feel love in the sound of “Ma foi ”, I think, if we want to say some word for interjection, “F” and the open sound in the end of this word can let we feel fun for saying it.

Go back to my English;

Even goodreads is an English Website, but it’s has many people from many countries who are not native in English but we also, in the same way of love, we love to read ;

It has many books in this website, also, many authors, if someone who come to join this place don’t love to read [even if they read so many books or not] , I can not imagine how they can stay in this site for long time;

Cause in goodreads I can not find any place for people who don’t love to read, I think, Playing in goodreads for Fun, we have to play with thoughts and thoughts come with people who love to think, and most of people who love to think they always love to read.

But English is the Problem!

I use to read one comment in one group, someone said in the comment that she don’t like people who don’t know English enough but want to show their thought!

How do you feel if you are very great English Author, and you going to China or Japan, and you can not speak well in Chinese or Japanese and someone tell you that, because you can not doing well in language as native in the country, so you don’t have any right to show your thought or yourself at the country!

Respect for all of Reading Lovers, I think anyone who love to read, they good enough for me to give my respect to them, even they can speak Thai or not , even they can use English very well or not.

I think we should let language just the problem for how to understand someone, but not the standard for how quality of people.

How living of word in any kind of language show through people who use it, it' so fun to realize and I feel fun for that.

“Mafia” is Out Of Law , Is it so fun to be Out of Rule sometime, isn’t it?

I believe that “Mafoi” is developed or come from “Mafia”.

If I am a Mafia, it’s so fun to say in the Loud Voice as I want,

“Ma Foi !”

And for the point of this writing, which I try to use English very much ;
I want to Say,

“MA FOI !! Don’t CAT at Me!!!”

[HA !! ]

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Ginnetta | 2 comments The Ma Foi does not exist and never did.

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Leaning-Good (suka) | 63 comments Mod
Living Out Of Rule,as Mafia,

Saying the Non-existence Word "Mafoi!"

To tell Nothing but Never "CAT" to CAT

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Ginnetta | 2 comments i...i...i...got it.

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Leaning-Good (suka) | 63 comments Mod

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