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Nymronyn (vampiregirl1516) | 268 comments hey a friend and i are co writing a fanfic
it currently doesn't even have a title and i just wanted to make sure that it past by fellow twi fans

So the fanfic is one where all the charries are human so it wont be like voultori and all that fun stuff. In the story Emmett and Bella are twins, they live in forks, and their parents are Rene and Charlie, who are still married. Emmett can't stand forks and decides to wait until Bella and he are 18 then they'll leave forks together. But 3 days after their 16th birthday Emmett cant take it anymore and leaves. While Emmett is gone for three years Bella's life basically falls apart, she is raped by someone (someone we all know from the books), she gets pregnant, and her parents die. She lives with the Blacks and three years after he left, Emmett comes back. Bella at this point has replaced her grief from the loss of her brother and closest friend with resentment for him and blames him for everything wrong. In the story very few couples are changed, those couples are Jacob and Nessie, and Rene and Phil. Phil is replaced with Charlie and Nessie with Leah. Other than that all couples hold. During the three years Emmett was gone he met the Cullens and the Hales. The Cullens adobted him and when he does come back to forks it's not to see the family he left there, and to be welcomed home it's to show his old life to the Cullens and Hales.

And heres the chapter:
In this chapter it's the first time Bella is intentionally telling anyone who raped her. For the past to and a half years she hadn't told anyone. It's from about half way through the story
"You know Edward I'm not sure why but I really trust you and feel like I can talk to you about anything," Bella said as we were just hanging out in her room talking. "I know it's kind of weird because we haven't know each other that long but it's true."
"I guess I'm just easy to talk to," I said smiling.
"Well regardless of the reason I feel like if I don't tell somebody I might explode.I cant think of anyone I can tell the one thing I've never told anyone, and will likely never tell somebody again is you."
"You mean about the guy who raped you?" I asked which caused her to stare at me in shock because she had never actually told me about that she had been raped. "Emmett won't shut up about how you won't tell him," I explained.
"Oh," Bella nodded. "Well, yeah it's about that. But you have to swear you will never tell another soul for as long as you live."
I put a hand on hers. "Like you said, you can trust me.I swear your secret is safe with me."
"Alright. Well this is also a large part of the reason I won't forgive Emmett. I was raped by Emmett's best friend his names Mike Newton. I'd known Mike my whole life, he's a year older than Emmet and I, but I never knew he had a thing for me. I guess that's it must have slipped Emmett's mind 'accidentally'. But the thing is, Emmett was my protector, and Mike knew that. Now despite Mike being older, Emmett was almost twice his size. But when Emmett left I was defenseless, sure he taught me some basic things to defend my self incase he wasn't around; but I was in such a, well a guess i was in a depression, from losing the most important person in my life that I forgot how to use until he was at the front door. And as much as I resent Mike for what he did,I blame Emmett more."
"I guess I see where you're coming from being mad at him," I said after a moment. Truth be told, even I was angry with Emmett for what happened to Bella.
--------------------- Couple Hours Later--------------------
I sat down on the couch at the Black's next Emmett, who I was still kind of mad at, to watch some tv. Emmett was in one of his 'I wish she would just tell me' funks. It was always the same thing. "I wish she'd tell me, I just want to know who did this to my sister." But I had, had enough. "Why don't you ask your pal Mike Newton?!" I snapped and immediately wish I hadn't opened my mouth. Emmett stared at me for a moment like he couldn't believe that I knew then he was up and running to Bella's room. I was right behind him the whole time. "Emmett don't go in there please," I said.
"Why didn't you tell me it was Mike?!" He said as he stormed into her room, me right behind.
Before she even reacted to Emmett she looked over his shoulder at me. "You told him!" She yelled tears beginning to well up in her eyes. "You promised!"
"No Bella it's not what you..." I began
"I trusted you!" She screamed, cutting me of, and a tear running down her cheek. "A mistake I won't make again," but this time she wasn't yelling anymore, it was a quiet rage, one that I couldn't take.
"Bella please."
"No Edward,, you had your chance." and then she was done with me, she turned to Emmett. "And you, I didn't tell you because it's none of your business."
"None of my business! Bells he raped my sister! Of course it's my business."
"No Emmett, he didn't rape your sister, because you stopped being my brother the day you left me."

please let me know what you guys think.

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Shwetika It's good. continue with it. I like it...

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