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******☠Ŗąνĕŋ☠****** (DeathIsAMelody) No more than 5 charries, grades 6-12, no special powers....

Theme Song:

message 2: by Aug, I feel dumb. (last edited Nov 29, 2010 03:23PM) (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
Name: Kayo Mayorre
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 11th
After his haircut
Other/Crush: Open Though lots of girls like him
Theme Song: I Made It - Kevin Rudolf, Birdman, Jay Sean, Lil Wayne (There are a couple of bad words in it srry)

message 3: by Aug, I feel dumb. (last edited Dec 06, 2010 06:33PM) (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
Name: Jayson Laxae
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Grade: 9th
Looks: - new pic look at it please. I wasn't satisfied with the last one.
Other: She's a bit rough around the edges, and loves to pick on the cuter boys, mainly because she hides up that she can crushes easily.
Theme Songs: Money Honey - Lady Gaga

message 4: by Elizabeth: (last edited Nov 23, 2010 09:38AM) (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) Elizabeth wrote: "Name: Camille (cami) Yellow
Age: 16
Looks: has auburn hair shoulder legenth, brown eyes, 36-c Bra size, has contacts, red lips, tan skin

message 5: by Elizabeth: (last edited Nov 06, 2010 04:02PM) (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) i changed my age and grade and crush!

message 6: by Claire (last edited Nov 26, 2010 01:56PM) (new)

Claire Name: Jade
Gender: F
Age: 15
Grade: 9
Looks: Short, caramael hair and jade green eyes
Other/Crush: James
Personality: Funny, sweet, out-going, a little flirty.

message 7: by Justhavefaith (new)

Justhavefaith | 10 comments Name: Rylee Mayy Kipp
Gender: female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior Baby!
Other/Crush: no one...yet :]
Theme Song: "Rockstar 101" By Rhianna

message 8: by Elizabeth: (last edited Nov 22, 2010 02:22PM) (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) Name: James Yellow
Gender: M
Age: 16
Other/Crush: open so far.
Theme Song: baby by justin beiber
Personality: fun, Funny, sweet, kind, can still beat you up, out going
Other: Cami is his Sister

message 9: by Claire (last edited Nov 26, 2010 01:58PM) (new)

Claire Name: Jesse
Gender: M
Age: 15
Grade: 10
Crush: Cami
Theme song: Emimem not afraid
Personality: Flirty, badboyish, sweet, funny, surprisingly sensitive and smart.
Other: Jade's cousin.

message 10: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) I so Call Jessie HE is mine!

message 11: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
Grr! I need more interesting characters!

message 12: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) what do you mean by interesting?

message 13: by Claire (new)

Claire That's why I made him Jade's cousin, so you guys can all dog fight over him and I stand and watch the action. (hehe) *grabs popcorn*

message 14: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
But my girl is so boring, I have to make her really interesting. And I don't want her to be a snob.

message 15: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) claire you can so tell we dont have bfs

message 16: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod

message 17: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) haha

message 18: by Claire (new)

Claire Lol. same here. all the boys at my school are losers though, so no real longing.

message 19: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) i have longing .....

message 20: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
I know someone with blonde hair and brown eyes:) He's so nice, and wonderful, and fantastic!

message 21: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod

message 22: by Tatum Sparkles (last edited Nov 27, 2010 01:42PM) (new)

Tatum Sparkles Name:Tatum
Looks:blonde wavy hair a bang going over her eye. kinda normal sized.
Other/Crush:um no one yet?
Theme Song:We are who we are by ke$ha - all summer long by kid rock - and Airplanes by B.O.B.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Isabell White
Gender: Femal
Looks: long curly, blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and tall.
Other/Crush: no crush at the momment
Theme Song: Back to December by Taylor Swift
Personality: kind,nice, bubbly, brave, smart, sweet loves dancing and singing.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

yeh thats kinda exactly what she looks like :)

message 25: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
Haha:) She's pretty:)

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

yeh that picture is perfect, i kinda wanted her to look preety :)

message 27: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
Haha:) cool:)

message 28: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 47 comments Name:Stephen
Looks:basically my profile picture
Other/Crush:umm no one
Theme Song:i dont know...
Personality-bad boy flirty and funny.

message 29: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
Man! I love that kinda guy.

message 30: by Tatum Sparkles (new)

Tatum Sparkles back off he's mine!lol

message 31: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod

message 32: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 47 comments HEY HEY HEY!
I'm no ones boy.

message 33: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
Alrighty then

message 34: by Stephen (new)

Stephen | 47 comments hey-i didnt say you couldnt fight over me though!
lol-jk,only a little bit.

message 35: by Aug, I feel dumb. (new)

Aug Dinash | 362 comments Mod
hahaha:) KK

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Brandon
Gender: M
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Looks: To lazy
Other/Crush: Looking
Theme Song: Don't stop.

message 37: by Claire (last edited Feb 09, 2011 02:41PM) (new)

Claire Name: Maxine (Max)
Gender: F
Age: 12
Grade: 6th
Looks: Teenager layered blonde hair, bright blue eyes.
Other/Crush: She's twelve....
Theme Song: Disturbia by Rihanna
Personality: Bright, charismatic, open, bold. Loves dancing, really good at it too. Is loved by all the big kids. Hate being treated like she's twelve.

message 38: by Emma (last edited Dec 19, 2010 07:42PM) (new)

Emma (youthofwisdom) Name: Emma Soul
Gender: Female
Age; 13
Grade: 7th
Looks: Blonde, Light Hazel eyes (copy and paste these URLs into ur browser box)
Other/Crush: Like to play acoustic and sings Indie Music
Theme Song:Can't Help Falling in Love by Ingrid Michaelson
Personality: Shy, Bright, Artistic, Unique, Athletic, very good at running!

message 39: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 75 comments Name: Aliera Newwatt(pronounced Ah-lee-air-rah)
Gender: F
Age: 16 1/2
Grade: 10th


Other/Crush: Brandon??? Is that ok???
Theme Song: Moster- meg and dia

message 40: by [deleted user] (last edited Feb 09, 2011 04:09PM) (new)

Name: Teagan Ross
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Crush: Baljeet from Phineas and Ferb, but she is looking for a REAL man...
Theme song: Matt and Kim Lessons Learned, Radar Detector by Darwin Deez, orUndercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club
Personality: Artistic, creative, loud, exciting, wallflower, different
Instrument: oboe

message 41: by Sydney ♡ (new)

Sydney ♡ Name: Miranda Blakley
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Junior (11th)
Personality: Wild, Outgoing, Party girl, she doesn't care much for school
Crush: open!!! ;)
Theme Song: What The Hell - Avril Lavigne (just a tiny bit of language btw)

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Omg!!!! I love her!!! Be my characters friend!!!!

message 43: by hapˈhazərd (new)

hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 75 comments Name: Allegra Fitzpatrick
Gender: F
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Other/Crush: Open
Theme Song: Coin Operated Boy by The Dresdon Dolls

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Looks:Dark brown hair,bright green eyes,and tan skin
Theme Song:fireworks by katy perry

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