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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 12 comments Mine are Jacqueline du Pre, Rostropovich, Kyung Wha Chung and Wilhelm Kempff.

message 2: by Héctor (last edited Oct 24, 2009 07:36PM) (new)

Héctor Martha, the great!!!

message 3: by Florita (new)

Florita (ms_rita) | 220 comments Mod
Martha - the greatest!

A lesser known (as yet) concert pianist who I think plays Chopin brilliantly is Dorian Griner.

Kun Woo Paik is another fine living pianist. His Satie is better than anyone else's I have heard.

I will have to come back to do some other instruments later!

message 4: by Héctor (new)


message 5: by Florita (new)

Florita (ms_rita) | 220 comments Mod
Yeah, Anne Sophie von Otter is amazing.

I love dear old dame Janet Baker - a great interpreter of Schubert's lieder.

What about the great conductors/musical directors, such as (to name a few) Gardner, Harnoncourt, Leonhardt, Hogwood, Alsop, Boulez, Bernstein and even - the incredibly young but destined for stratospheric greatness - Dudamel?

message 6: by Goldie (new)

Goldie Marie | 19 comments Tine Thing Helseth, I can only find a few of her recordings tho.

message 7: by Dean (new)

Dean (banvard) I’ll have to go with Léo Delibes Sylvia, Act I Les Chasseresse, for its rhythmic beat.

message 8: by Leshawn (new)

Leshawn | 5 comments Good Morning Classical Music Lovers!
I just opened a recording of Julia Fischer playing Mozart's First, Second and Fifth Violin Concertos on Pentatone Classics under the baton of Yakov Kreizberg and I love it!
The recording is from 2006 but I just bought it in January of this year and I just found time to listen to it today.
Julia Fischer is one of my favorite violinists and this recording is absolutely lovely!
I've only been this impressed with Mozart's violin concertos when I heard them live. I guess the recordings I own are not as nice (or just as likely I haven't opened them yet!).
Anyone else a Julia Fischer fan?
Any recommendations of good recordings of Mozart's violin concertos?
Happy Monday! Le Shawn

message 9: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 12 comments Young Anne Sophie Mutter for the Mozart concertos.

message 10: by Goldie (new)

Goldie Marie | 19 comments not to sound too cliche, but I love YoYoMa

message 11: by Leshawn (new)

Leshawn | 5 comments Rebecca,
Thank you for the Mutter recommendation! I'll try that next!
Le Shawn

message 12: by Leshawn (new)

Leshawn | 5 comments Which concertos are you listening to Altara? Mr Perahia has more than one and I own them. I'd love to listen today in honor of your swooning review!

message 13: by Leshawn (new)

Leshawn | 5 comments I'll grab it off the shelf as soon as I get home this Easter morning, Altara!
Bach is very appropriate for Easter!

message 14: by Leshawn (new)

Leshawn | 5 comments Guess What Altara? After all that investigation of which exact concerto you were listening to, I don't have Mr Perahia playing the Third in D Major. So I'm listening to Number One in D Minor, Number Two in E Major and Number Four in A Major. Fantastic! Thanks for having me pull it off the shelf. I don't think I've heard it for years! When your collection is very large, the rotation is slow.
It's perfect for Easter!
While I was on that shelf, I pulled "Oster-Oratorium" with the Collegium Vocale under the baton of Phillippe Herreweghe on Harmonia Mundi from 1995. I'll listen to that next!
Happy Easter Altara!

♫♪ Olivia ♪♫ I really like Joshua Bell, he's a violinist. His songs are just so beautiful

message 16: by Edie (new)

Edie Kestenbaum | 3 comments I have to say it's a close contest between Du Pre, Rostropovich, and Ma. As a cello player, I'm a bit biased. :)

message 17: by Olivia (new)

Olivia "Sleep" by Eric Whitacre is an AMAZING song!

message 18: by Marco (new)

Marco Ibarra (marcopolo) | 5 comments I'm about to finish a self imposed "marathon" weekend in which my only purpose was to absorb the complete Beethoveen's violin sonatas into my soul. For this I picked the box set in which Anne-Sophie Mutter plays accompanied by Lambert Orkis on piano. I could write a 10,000 word review and I would still fall short on accurate description. But then again, music is to be experienced not understood. All I will say is that it was a very self-revealing and self-discovering weekend!

message 19: by Edie (new)

Edie Kestenbaum | 3 comments that sounds like a lot of fun. I may try that with the cello suites or carnival of the animals.

message 20: by Marco (new)

Marco Ibarra (marcopolo) | 5 comments It is really fun. Is like exploring your inner-self with music. BUT, you have to be extremely careful!!!! One time, I decided to combine two of my major passions, music and reading. I went to the library and opted for checking out the complete box-set of "Fitzwilliam String quartets, Shastakovich-the sring quartet" and I used the CDs as background music to my reading of Stephen King's short stories and is novel The Cell. I completed the weekend so paranoid, that at one point my arm itched, and when I unconsciously and automatically reached over to scratch myself, I freaked out thinking that someone else in the room touch me although I was completely alone. I completely fail to recognize my own hand : ) Anyway, I am planning my next weekend escapade with the complete Mozart's violin sonatas, and for this I am already prepared with the 4 CDs box-set featuring the same great duo, Anna-Sophie Mutter and Lmbert Orkis. I'll let you know how that goes since I am not sure when I will do it. I like to be with the less interruptions when I do that. Is like an spiritual retreat, soul healing/balancing kind of mission. In the meantime, enjoy yours and I hope I can hear from it.

message 21: by Edie (new)

Edie Kestenbaum | 3 comments Nice. I've done that before. :)

message 22: by Marco (new)

Marco Ibarra (marcopolo) | 5 comments That is funny.... you don't recall by any chance, what music was is do you?

message 23: by Carah (new)

Carah Naseem (lookinglasstears) | 1 comments Olivia wrote: ""Sleep" by Eric Whitacre is an AMAZING song!"

Oh man, if you like sleep, I would check out some of his other material. My favorite BY FAR is "I Thank You God for Most This Amazing Day".
Oh, and "Nox Aurumque". It's beyond beautiful, it's almost jarringly so.

message 24: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) anne sofie-mutter and yiruma

message 25: by Silver (new)

Silver ♫♪ Olivia ♪♫ wrote: "I really like Joshua Bell, he's a violinist. His songs are just so beautiful"

I went to one of his concerts a few years ago!! It was amazing. And I got his autograph afterwards (:

Favorite composer - Vivaldi
Favorite violinist - Hillary Hahn

message 27: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) ok so I changed my mind, I now have lots of favorite artists(all of them are violinists, of course)
Maxim Vengerov
Mischa Elman
Itzhak Perlman
Ruggiero Ricci
Jascha Heifetz
Yehudi Menuhim
Henryk Szeryng
Shlomo Mintz
Sergej Krylov
Vasa Prihoda
Gil Shaham

message 30: by Rebecca (last edited Nov 10, 2009 03:09AM) (new)

Rebecca | 12 comments Boo. Someone tardis themselves back to Gould, and tell him it's not a concerto for elbows. :p

message 31: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca | 12 comments He's stomping on my Uncle Ludvig's grave. Must avenge. ;)

message 32: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) I really like Bassiona Amorosa too

message 33: by Gulcan (new)

Gulcan Bozkurt (GulcanBozkurt) | 1 comments Igor Stravinsky: Apollon musagète; Pulcinella Suite


The pairing of Igor Stravinsky's Apollon musagète and the suite from Pulcinella makes an excellent program because the works balance each other reasonably well and share some similarities of style, yet provide suitable contrasts in moods since the elegant pathos of Apollon is nicely set off by Pulcinella's rowdy comedy. Both pieces reflect Stravinsky's cool and witty neo-Classicism, yet provide enough differences in instrumentation, melodic quality, and harmonic textures to demonstrate the great variety of methods he employed within his middle stylistic phase. The 2008 hybrid SACD by Alexander Janiczek and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe presents these ballets with great polish and charm, and the multichannel recording gives the performances credible presence, appreciable depth, and sonorities so rich in timbres and dynamics they will make audiophiles salivate. The only regret one might have after hearing this splendid album is that the complete Pulcinella wasn't recorded for it because it surely could have fit within normal time limits, and in consideration of the fine job Janiczek and the orchestra did with the suite, the full work would have been nicer to have, even if it would have made the program more lopsided. This album is highly recommended as one of the best of 2009.

message 34: by Elie (new)

Elie | 1 comments I love piano music, Michael Nyman and Yiruma especially.
Other composers I'm big on are Holst, Debussy and Vivaldi.
My dad brought me up listening to Mozart and Beethoven a lot, I can't say that Beethoven grew on me but Mozart's a keeper :)

message 35: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (melissaharl) | 3 comments Dawn Upshaw is one of my favorite singers, but I have a lot to learn about opera. I have learned more about her since she started collaborating with the chamber orchestra in my town.

message 36: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) I think andrea bocelli has a great voice

message 37: by Heather (new)

Heather First, I would like to agree with Leonor--I really like the voice of Andrea Bocelli.

Vivaldi and Beethoven are two of my favorites, especially the piano and/or violin solos adding an additional 'touch' to the orchestra.

I find that listening to Mozart really helps me study as it helps me retain that which I have read.

message 38: by Barbara H (last edited Jan 04, 2010 10:15AM) (new)

Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments We all have different tastes of course. I think Bocelli is pretty ordinary. It's so hard to pick favorite artists when there are so many out there. I like YoYo Ma, Joshua Bell, Anna Sophie Muter(SP?), Hillary Hahn, Shlomo Mintz Etc., etc.
For singers there are Dawn Upshaw, Marcello Alvarez and Karita Mattila, just to name a few!

message 39: by Melissa (new)

Melissa i enjoy playing edvard grieg's pieces<3

message 40: by Melissa (new)

Melissa I like Aus Dem Carnaval

message 41: by Heather (new)


Mozart: Laudate Dominum in F

I don't have a particular favorite singer but I happen to enjoy the voice and technique with Genia Kuhmeier

message 42: by Andrez (new)

Andrez (andrez-ssi) (she kind of looks like shes in pain but she sings really well)

message 43: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (jeanne_voelker) | 61 comments I'm just catching up my reading here. Ah, Philip's home town music group is the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Very nice, as in 'Saint Paul Sunday Morning'.

message 44: by Sue (new)

Sue (kniphofia) | 2 comments Karl Richter. I grew up listening to my mother's recordings of Bach by him and have recently re-discovered him.

message 45: by David (new)

David O'Brien II (davidobrienii) | 1 comments Chopin - Ballade #1 in G minor.

message 46: by Harvey (new)

Harvey | 31 comments Alfred Brendel!!! Takes a lot of beating!

message 47: by SA (new)

SA (KUMPOOJ) | 1 comments lessons and carols kings college choir is an amazing bit of poetry and music in one go. never managed to get there on christmas at kings college in december. many years BBC World Service used to beam right across the world each christmas and now i have a double CD and i get real peace listening and i am truly non religious guy ?

message 48: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (jeanne_voelker) | 61 comments Thanks, SA. I'll look for the double CD.

message 49: by Barbara H (new)

Barbara H (barbhh) | 66 comments Hey, Harvey! I agree with you on Brendel! Terrific!

message 50: by Harvey (new)

Harvey | 31 comments Barbara wrote: "Hey, Harvey! I agree with you on Brendel! Terrific!"

...and a half!

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