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Cassi aka Snow White Haggard | 2261 comments Does anyone else do NanoWriMo? (National Novel Writing Month). This will be my third year. I'm veela-valoom over there if you want to find me.

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Tabitha Olson (tabithaolson) | 53 comments I'm doing NaNo this year again. But I'm sort of cheating because I've already started. :) I can't write at all during the week of Thanksgiving, plus no weekends. So I'd have to write 50k words in 17 days instead of 30. I did it last year and practically killed myself, so I'm doing things differently this year. :)

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard | 2261 comments I'm like a no-cheating even-if-it-kills- me person. I work most weekends (okay actually 50% of November, but one of those off is Thanksgiving), work some weekends plus I'm doing my church Christmas play. So it's going to be interesting.

First year I "won" I started 4 days late, had a full time job, did the church play but had no real social life.

Last year I was unemployed but had a boyfriend (part of the month he was hear part it was long-distance), was doing the job search thing. Was also in church play but had no real part.

This year I have a full-time job, no boyfriend because unemployment turned him into a jerk, work a lot of weekends/evenings (but get to take off time to balance it out), have a small part in church play.

I'm interested to see how it works out this year. I'm in such a different place than I've been in the past emotionally and work-wise. But I'm currently researching, have a very ambiguous plotline (I'm a "pantser" not a "plotter").

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Ottilie (ottilie_weber) | 484 comments that's real tough challenge

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Jason (foreverjuly) | 176 comments I love Nanowrimo! I was working on the second book in my series last year while it was going on and so I wrote right through it. But it was great because I met so many people who were just getting started writing. The community part of it is definitely the best part.

Everyone should do it!

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Tabitha Olson (tabithaolson) | 53 comments For me, it's not worth killing myself over NaNo. Plus, I only get 2 hours of working time a day because my youngest son is in half-day kindergarten. Once he gets home, I get NOTHING done. And I can't make up for the time after they go to bed because I'm beat, and I also have to get up early to get them ready for school.

So, for me, the choice is this: 17 days, 2 hours per day, 3000 words per day. Or, 27 days, 2 hours per day, 1850 words per day.

The first choice just isn't doable, and I'm setting myself up for failure. The second choice, however, will get me what I want, which is a decent, workable first draft. :)

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard | 2261 comments I love the community aspect of Nano. That's probably why I really do it. I try to write throughout the year but Nano is a time that you not only commit to writing but you have a whole community to help.

It's also fun to try out a new genre or POV during Nano. Sometimes it doesn't work (I finished my last years Nano but wasn't that pretty) but I'm the type who likes to jump right in and that's what its for.

And Tabitha I don't blame you for cheating. I'm just weirdly moral about cheating/lying. I don't judge people for doing it but I just can't.

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Tabitha Olson (tabithaolson) | 53 comments Oh, I'm not going to lie about my word count on the site. I'll post whatever I write starting nov 1st, and won't include what I've done before then. I just already know that it's not going to get me to 50k words, so that's why I started early because that's what's going to get me my draft. :)

(I'm weirdly moral about cheating/lying, too)

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard | 2261 comments Glad I'm not the only one weirdly moral about it. I've seen some people on the NanoWriMo site who could use some honest. (I have to avoid the word padding threads or I get frustrated)

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Tabitha Olson (tabithaolson) | 53 comments I avoid those threads like the plague. :)

But the NaNo community as a whole is fantastic. The local communities are, too. My local community is very active, and schedules 'write-in' days at a coffee shop or some other place that's easy to get to. It's nice to sit with other folks who are intent on writing. :)

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Evelyn | 13 comments Hey fellow Nano-ites! This will be my third year too. :) I succeeded last year, so I'm hoping to again this time. I have heaps of other things on, but I always do so it's worth a shot. I write all the time anyway, but Nano is really the only time I have pushed myself to write a novel rather than short stories.

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Evelyn | 13 comments Oh, and in case anyone's interested, this site
has a competition going during Nano (there is a cash prize to be split between those who sign up with them and get over 50k) and a forum community that I found really helpful and supportive last year.

Cassi aka Snow White Haggard | 2261 comments I'm not reading enough during Nano. Anyone else missing the free time to read? Thank goodness for audiobooks and driving.

I'm about a day behind because of work. Which is annoying...

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Tabitha Olson (tabithaolson) | 53 comments I'm still reading, but I've always had more reading time than writing time. So that hasn't really changed for me.

I love audiobooks. They can make anything fun, even laundry. Or cleaning the bathroom. :)

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Brigid ✩ | 135 comments I started to do NaNo … This was my fifth year, and I was hoping it would be the third year in a row that I've won. Unfortunately, I just can't seem to fall in love with my story. I've been waiting to feel some kind of attachment to the characters and waiting for inspiration to strike, and it's just not working. As of yesterday, I think I've given up. I'm more than 10,000 words behind, plus I need to work on my college apps, plus I just want to write something else. I don't want to write 30,000 more words of a story I don't even like. I'm really depressed about it, but … I think I just have to give it up this year. :(

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