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message 1: by Kayli 500 (new)

Kayli 500 I didn't really like the pretties so I don't know if I will like the uglies.

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) You read that first? O dear...
Anyway, Uglies is way better than Pretties in my opinion

message 3: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) yeah, uglies WAS better! read it!

message 4: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Why did you read pretties first??

But don't worry. I hated Pretties too, but I loved Uglies and the rest of the series. Uglies is WAY, WAY better and Pretties is not comparable!! Pretties was just the bad book of the series, the worst one. Shame you read that one first, so you have a wrong first impression!

Yeah but you really should read Uglies, it's really good.

message 5: by Kayli 500 (new)

Kayli 500 what's wrong with reading the first book first? That's how you know the story. I don't know if i will like this series.

message 6: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Pretties is NOT the first book- it's the SECOND!

message 7: by Kayli 500 (new)


message 8: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Oh my gosh, did I sound rude? I'm so sorry!! I just put it in caps lock to make an emphasis, I did not mean it to be rude!! I'm very sorry if I offended you!!

message 9: by Kayli 500 (new)

Kayli 500 it's OK because when you write it in caplocks because that makes it sound like you're yelling or you're mad. Sorry if I sounded rude for this comment.

message 10: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. It's okay, you didn't sound rude. :D

But anyway, since you accidentally read Pretties as first, even thought its the second book, you really should read uglies and then the ones that come after pretties. uglies explains things in pretties that might not have made sense...and its a much better book.

message 11: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) hey sella, what i normally do for emphasis is italics not caps. yeah, and Uglies was better than Pretties. and dont worry, i once started a series in the second set of four for that series... was kinda funny though...

message 12: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Oh your right Snowsong, maybe I should have done that instead...hehe...

Which series was that, Snowsong?

message 13: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) umm, by Tamora Pirce... Magic Circle? i started on basically the 5th book, which was the first book in the second series...

message 14: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Never read that...

message 15: by Morgan (new)

Morgan (cheshire) Lol, that would be a problem.........

message 16: by Snowsong (new)

Snowsong (kdskid007) actually, i liked the book enought tah, as soon as i realized my mistake, i went back and read in order. the book made sense by itselftoo... kinda likestarting in the middle of the MYTH books. they make more sense if u read in order, but r still good if not read in order!

message 17: by Morgan (new)

Morgan (cheshire) Yup. Plus, my friend pumped my ears full of them when we were in the same gym class, so I already knew a lot.

message 18: by Mounica (new)

Mounica you know, i read Uglies and loved it. So i read Pretties, which was way worse, so i never continued to read the other books...

maybe i should read the rest if they're better than Pretties.........

message 19: by Morgan (new)

Morgan (cheshire) They are.

message 20: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Mounica, I was like that too, at first...when I finished Pretties I hated it and so I didn't want to coninue on with the series. I told my friend that, and she told me that Specials and Extras were way better, and they made up for how bad Pretties were. So I read it...and she was right. :D

Also, she told me something that happens in Specials (because I pestered her to tell me something good that happens so I would read it) and I felt so relieved that I read it. :D

Don't worry, everything that went wrong in the ending of Pretties will get better.

message 21: by Brigid ✩ (last edited Jul 18, 2008 05:55AM) (new)

Brigid ✩ | 368 comments Mod
and that 'friend' was me, btw. ahem. XD haha... yes i remember what i told u that made you want to read specials... XD
yeah pretties is probably the worst in the series, although in my opinion it's still really good. uglies, specials, and extras are better though.

message 22: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Yes I know thank you very much Brigid. XD

Yeah I didn't like Pretties. :( My favorite is definitely Specials...

message 23: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ | 368 comments Mod
specials is awesome ;D

message 24: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I know. XD

message 25: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ | 368 comments Mod
sella, have u read midnighters?? the other scott westerfeld series??they're SOOOO GOOD!!! like, even better than uglies. XD and uglies is amazing, so midnighters is like super-amazing. hahaha. XD XD XD

message 26: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin No, I haven't...:(...I need to! XD

message 27: by Morgan (new)

Morgan (cheshire) I have!!!! But the ending to the serries was bad!!! :(

message 28: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Oh-oh.

message 29: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ | 368 comments Mod
gah! i agree. the end of midnighters is HORRIBLE; i seriously CRIED. but the rest of it is amazing. XD

message 30: by Allie (new)

Allie (pearlrose95) | 385 comments oh noez! don't cry!

message 31: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin oh oh!!

message 32: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ | 368 comments Mod
yes, very sad ending. but other than that, luv that series!!! :D

message 33: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Okay!!

message 34: by Mounica (new)

Mounica u know, i kinda actually like sad endings...but NOT because i want something sad or bad to happen to the characters, but because...i don't know...

some sad endings are so powerfully written that I get moved by it and cry...and I'm like "OMG! WOW! That*no words to describe it*" lol

message 35: by Sella (last edited Jul 22, 2008 04:34PM) (new)

Sella Malin I agree. I like sad endings, too...but not the kind where, like, everyone in the world dies or something. That's just...overdone.

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) I almost got Midnighters! They had the SECOND book but all the FIRST ones were checked out! -_-'

 ♥lil' bit :} (i put u in my popcorn tehe!!) | 1 comments i havent read them yet.

message 38: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin You need to! They're really good!

message 39: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ | 368 comments Mod
they rock! ;D

message 40: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Wait, which books were you talking about, Kiekie23? Uglies or Midnighters? I was under the impression you meant Uglies...

message 41: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ | 368 comments Mod
oh i thought we were talking about midnighters. well both series rock anyway. XD

message 42: by Sella (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:15AM) (new)

Sella Malin hmm...i just bought the series recently...i'll start reading it once I finish re-reading Breaking Dawn. lol. since I read it the first time really quickly, now I'm going to take it more slowly and soak up more detail and stuff. XD

message 43: by Abby (new)

Abby (frazzles) | 115 comments oh i absolutly LOVED midnighters. but yea the ending made me cry, it was so unfair. *sniff*

message 44: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) agreed. I hated the end!

message 45: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin oh oh.

message 46: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) NO NO NO NO!!!! The books were GREAT!!!!!!!!! JUST the ENDING of the 3rd one is bad!!!!!!!!!! You MUST read them!!!!!!!! Don't listen to me!! :D

message 47: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin okay, okay, lol. i won't. ;)

message 48: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) danke (thanks)

message 49: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Lol, what language?

message 50: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (catfanatic) german :D

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