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message 1: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (heartcollides) | 26 comments Mod
She’s the baddest girl in town…isn't she?
Sugar Beth Carey's come back to Parrish, Mississippi, and she's brought her reputation for wreaking havoc with her. She's broke, desperate, and too proud to show it, even with her old enemies lining up for a chance to get even. Her former girlfriends have their eyebrow pencils sharpened into lethal points. Winnie Davis, her longtime rival, is fully armed with the money, power, and prestige that had once been Sugar Beth's. But worst of all is Colin Byrne, the man whose career Sugar Beth had destroyed— and not exactly accidentally.

Now Colin's a famous novelist living in Sugar Beth's old mansion, and this modern day dark prince is using his writer's imagination to figure out how to bring the town's beautiful former princess to her knees. But despite her sassy mouth, feisty spirit, and hardheaded ways, Sugar Beth's no longer the spoiled rich girl they all remember. No, now she's a woman to be reckoned with ... and a great big reckonin' is about to happen, not least of all for one dark prince who might—just might—be thinking about falling in love with the wickedest girl in town.

Ain't She Sweet? A funny, heartwarming, oh-so-spicy story of love, friendship, and the possibility of happily-ever-after.

message 2: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (heartcollides) | 26 comments Mod
This book was sooooo good! I love the dialogue and the relationships... It was a really fun book!

Did you enjoy the book?

message 3: by valee (new)

valee OMG, I'm dying to read this one. I love this author so much. I'm just waiting a bit because I don't want to finish all her good books so soon,lol.

message 4: by Tori (new)

Tori (torie417) | 13 comments Oh I love this book. I think I'm due for a re-read soon. Despite her atrocious name, Sugar Beth is probably one of my favorite heroines and Colin is one of my favorite heroes too.

message 5: by valee (new)

valee You're making me wanna read it right now, even though I said I would wait,lol.

message 6: by Tori (last edited Oct 27, 2010 05:14PM) (new)

Tori (torie417) | 13 comments LOL! If it makes you feel better Sugar Beth is my favorite, but not everyone loves her.

message 7: by valee (new)

valee No problem,lol,I know I will. This author is amazing.

message 8: by valee (new)

valee I thought I would be able to wait a bit longer but I just can't. I'll start this one right away. I just can't enjoy any other book while I'm so obsessed with these ones.

message 9: by Nisha (new)

Nisha (parakisu) | 24 comments Sugar Beth is the toughest SEP heroine, I think. This book is great because it tackles a town of people, half-sisters and generations of emotions.

message 10: by valee (new)

valee Just read this one and loved it!! A lot, although not as much as the Chicago stars and Kissed by an angel. But still an amazing read as always!

My problem was that even though we saw Sugar grow and Colin get what he needed, still the characters were not as appealing as the rest of SEP's characters. I liked more the others because they faces real traumas through their lives. Although once I realized how hard it had been for Sugar to get through a father like that I could sympathize with her a bit, but not much because of all the terrible things she did to everybody. I mean it's fine she changed and all, but she still had done such horrible things that I could not get to love her as the rest of the heroines.

Maybe bullies are common there but they are definitely not in my country. Things like that just don't happened in here, ever. How can someone do things like that to any other person? I get it that she was the heroine and all and I really loved the new Sugar, but in my mind I just could not forget the things she did.

Still as those things were just mentioned and did not take much space in the book I still could love it as SEP style is amazing. 4 stars to this one from me.

message 11: by Nisha (new)

Nisha (parakisu) | 24 comments I was surprised when I started reading about Sugar Beth and was wondering how SEP was going to make her redeem herself. And the good thing is, Sugar Beth's bullying was not thrown under the table and ignored. She ended up paying for her mistakes, later, and I couldn't help but admire her for it.

Btw, bullies are common everywhere, but the extent of the bullying is variable. Sugar Beth was pretty bad, which kinda reminded me of the bullying I hear about in Japan. In my school, I wasn't aware of any female bullies, but quite a few guys who picked on certain girls.

message 12: by Tanja (new)

Tanja Blazic | 3 comments I've just finished rereading this book, and I love the character of Sugar Beth Carey. Love the fact that from a high school b**** she became the strong and beautiful woman. Love the talk about the power, love the spunk, women friendships again highlighted strongly. I think Sugar Beth is really described in full detail, the girl who had all on the surface but missed the most important thing-father's love, everything goes from that and makes a sense in a perfect way.

message 13: by Mizz (new)

Mizz | 9 comments Tanja wrote: "I've just finished rereading this book, and I love the character of Sugar Beth Carey. Love the fact that from a high school b**** she became the strong and beautiful woman. Love the talk about the ..."

I also finished re-reading this book (for the 4th time!) and I still love it. It feels so real.

message 14: by Annette (new)

Annette (annettena) | 5 comments When I need some time to recharge my batteries and cheer myself, there are several authors whose books I reread. And of course, SEP books are part of my rereadable list. Susan Elizabeth Phillips books at my house are well worn. Have read most of them several times. And I laugh out loud every time. Isn't that a lovely gift she has given me.

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