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The Stone of Moon and Sun

The Stone of Moon and Sun is a spiritual place where medicine cats go to be closer to Starclan. It's on the highest cliff in Windclan territory, on the highest peak. ON top is a circle of rocks, and inside of that is a small but powerful iridescent stone. During every lunar and solar eclipse, a new medicine cat apprentice is chosen if one is needed. The medicine cat takes their group of likely candidates up to the stone, where they wait for it to be the right time when the sun/moon is in the center of the sky. Then, the light shoots up in a blinding beam and points to the chosen cat. That cat then becomes the medicine cat apprentice. Despite this, however medicine cats can visit the Stone of Moon and Sun whenever they need to. This is also where leaders are chosen.

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The Meeting Place

The 'meeting place' is where all four clans can meet peacefully every full moon. It's directly in the center, and is on top of a boulder jutting out of the ground, with four very tall rocks circling it, each one pointing in the territory it represents. Each leader stands by their clan rock, and each rock has scratched-in designs representing their clan (the Riverclan rock has claw scratches resembling waves, the shadowclan one a moon, the thunderclan one a lightning bolt, the windclan one swirling winds). It has been said that The First Cats carved these in.

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ThunderClan is a territory in the forest that is close to WindClan and separated by a thin river from RiverClan. It's in the deep forest but leads to a rocky cliff with a dry riverbed that separates the territory from WindClan. The actual camp is near the cliff where the trees are still thick but begin to thin out, and is built up with a very thick wall of thorns. The warrior's den is in the front of the camp (a big hollow log), and the rest of the dens are behind it. The medicine cat den is under a jutting rock, the apprentice's den is in the back of the camp under a bush, and the queen and elder's dens are safely tucked away in a big rock that, over time, was hollowed out. The leader adresses the Clan from atop a tall tree stump in the middle of the clearing.

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WindClan is located on the sparsely wooded cliffs and rocks. It is the largest territory and is separated from ThunderClan by a dry riverbed. It's close to ShadowClan, the border being a very thick band of trees. Since there are only tall grasses, short bushes, and few tall trees, the WindClan cats have developed very long, well-muscled legs, tiny, hard paws, long tails, thin, streamlined bodies, and small heads. Since there is so much cold wind blowing around, their camp is in the most forested part of the territory, and all the dens are partly underground with a little ridge made of rocks and grasses on top. The leader sits in the front of the camp to talk in an area encircled with rocks.

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RiverClan is near ThunderClan and ShadowClan, and has a river running through the camp itself. There are many trees around the camp, and all of the dens are built on the banks of the river, made out of sturdy cattails leaning up against thin rocks. The warriors' dens are all strategically placed on either side of the entrance (there are two dens instead of one), the apprentices' den is on the right side of the warrior's den, the medicine cat den is slightly hidden by the apprentice's den, and the most important dens of all, the queen's and elder's dens, are behind the warrior's dens on either side. The leader's den is across the camp directly from the entrance. The leader adresses his or her Clan from the top of their den, which has been specially built so that it has a wide, flat rock top. The whole camp is safely encircled by reeds thickly woven together. Each cat has adapted to the landscape by having incredibly thick fur for swimming, short, incredibly strong tails for steering and paddling, and wide, flat paws.

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The ShadowClan territory is in the forest next to RiverClan and WindClan. It is in a deep part of the forest, where the trees are tall, but still let in lots of sunlight. A bit of RiverClan's river runs through the territory, and is often used for invading the camp and hunting. ShadowClan cats live in hollowed out tree stumps where it's safe, warm and hidden. They live in a circle of trees surrounding the river, and have surrounded the camp with rocks. There are ridges all over the place, and this is where the leader stands to talk to the Clan (on a particularily tall ridge). There are a lot of flowers in the spring, and alot of snow in the winter. ShadowClan cats have very thick fur for swimming in their portion of the river, huge heads, huge eyes, and huge ears for hunting things like rabbits and mice, long, thin tails, and short and sturdy, muscular bodies for leaping.

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