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A.P. Stephens | 2 comments Greetings one and all.

My name is A.P. Stephens, author of THE WHITE SHADOW SAGA, an epic fantasy trilogy, published by Fanda Books. The second book in the trilogy, titled SHAMELESS WONDERS, was released on October 22, 2010.

THE STOLEN MOON OF LONDOR (Book I of the trilogy) was named one of the Top Books of 2009 by Fantasy Book Critic and it was also a nominee for the 2010 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction. It can also be heard as a free podcast, available on Podiobooks.com as well as iTunes.

If you are a fan of fantasy with a good dose of action and martial arts, I extend an invitation to you to check out these books.

The books are available in paperback as well as e-book formats. Free samples of the books can be read on your e-readers before purchase. Links to places where you can check them out are just below. And below those are the blurbs about each book.

THE STOLEN MOON OF LONDOR paperback ($11.95 USD)

Amazon US: http://tinyurl.com/yzcgpjp
Amazon Canada: http://tinyurl.com/2ej6745
Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/2ab93mw


Kindle US: http://tinyurl.com/2dqaf6p
Kindle UK: http://tinyurl.com/28zqn93
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/b/4932
Mobipocket: http://www.mobipocket.com/en/eBooks/e...

SHAMELESS WONDERS paperback ($14.95)

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/2dwcmpf

SHAMELESS WONDERS e-book ($3.99)

Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/White-Shadow-Sa...
Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/...


The era of peace among the elves, men, and dwarves comes to an end when one of Londor's twin moons disappears from the heavens. Without the moon's balancing effect, evil forces grow bold, and warfare, sickness, and chaos threaten life itself.

Hearing the prayers of desperation that ride on the violent winds, the ancient wizard Randor Miithra, servant to the elf-gods, takes it upon himself to mend the world he has sworn to protect. The task will not be an easy one, though, for the wizard, too, has begun to feel the effects of the world's imbalance. As Randor struggles to maintain some semblance of his powers, he meets a secretive band of colorful characters from all walks of life, drawn together by a common goal: to find the stolen moon, whatever the cost. It does not take Randor and his motley company long to see that someone or something does not want the moon returned to the heavens.

The road is perilous...the stakes have never been greater...will they find victory...or will they only find their deaths?


SHAMELESS WONDERS continues the quest of Randor Miithra, wizard and servant to the elf-gods, as he leads his followers in search of the missing moon, Beldas. Across the troubled lands of Londor, the shadows of a relentless darkness have reached the broken borders of many kingdoms. Evil forces seek to manipulate and enslave the land and its people, with enemies both new and old vowing to yield to no one until victory is had.

As Randor and his company hasten into the south toward the dark realm of Valadure, the origin of the world's downfall, they experience firsthand the treacheries of evil. Yet in their search to restore balance to the world of Londor, they must overcome more than the banners of darkness that stand before them. As internal discord and tragedy drive the company members apart, it seems they are farther than ever from returning Londor to the peace and prosperity it once knew. Prophesies are realized, deceit is revealed, and dreams are cast asunder. Not all is what it seems to be.

With the greatest of evil in their midst, can Randor Miithra and his companions overcome the power of the one who holds the key to healing Londor? One night can change the fortunes of all.

I hope each and every one of you are doing well and I hope that some of you will give the books a look and enjoy them. My site is being revamped right now, but please feel free to check that out as well.

Add me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/whiteshadowsaga

Thank you for giving this posting a read.

The White Shadow Saga The Stolen Moon of Londor by A.P. Stephens

The White Shadow Saga Shameless Wonders by A.P. Stephens

message 2: by Carina (new)

Carina Oh! Your books sound great. Exactly like what I usually read. I'm definitely adding them to my 'to read' list and going to hunt them down at Borders :D

message 3: by A.P. (new)

A.P. Stephens | 2 comments Thanks, Carina. They might have it in stock, but if they do not, they can definitely order it for you. Hope you enjoy the book and pass along the good word about the books. Enjoy. :)

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