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Name: Whisperpelt

Gender: Female

Clan: Thunder

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Whisperpelt is a she-cat with white and gray patches on her pelt. Her fur looks soft and delicate to handle. Her eyes are a blue color.

Personality: She is a very bold cat, not afraid to speak out for herself. Whisperpelt isn’t afraid of anything. She can be brilliant in battle and fierce in combat. She is very strategic and willing to sacrifice her life for the good of her clan. Despite her fierceness, she has silent but fiery pride for her kin. Whisperpelt is motherly and gentle when she’s calm and in a good mood. She always will defend her pride and will never back down from a challenge. If she needs to retreat, she’ll do it proudly and will never admit that she’s defeated.

History: Like all kits, she loved pestering warriors and apprentices to teach her battle or hunting moves. Whisperkit got into trouble, like all kits, and continued to goof around with her fellow denmates.

Naturally, Whisperpelt was born a fighter. She worked hard as an apprentice and enjoyed going on patrols. She gained her warrior name as Whisperpelt.

Kin: Mapleheart (Brother) Silentwing (Sister)



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