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Braden A.K.A B-Ballin (b-ballin) | 163 comments Mod
Uhmm yeah just rp, probably the reaping first.

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Hannah (hannahmarie43) Amaria stood in the crowd for the reaping, standing with the other 17-year olds behind the ropes with her spring green dress on. She had let her mother curl her otherwise naturally straight hair so they fell in ringlets down her back. She was completely ignoring the group of her friends and their talking, reasurring each other that they wouldn't be reaped and that one of the careers would step up to take their place. Amaria didn't even care about them, they were just her friend because her family had money. She stared at the big reaping ball with all the female name for this reaping in District 1. Finally the District 1 escort, Jillie Bean, crossed the stage to the reaping ball wishing everybody luck as she pulled the name.

Please don't let it be me, Amaria begged as Jillie pulled out a single white strip and called out the name. The crowd went quiet as they put the name to the face. Amaria didn't even register it at first, then letting the name sink in. Amaria Pickett. That was her. This was it. She held back the tears as she made her way to the stage. All eyes were on her. Amaria Pickett, daugher of the richest family in all the districts.

"Any volunteers?" She heard Jillie call out, her eyes scanning the crowd. A girl her age stepped forward, Gamma Willowford. Amaria completely despised her and for a moment hoped she'd enjoy watching her death. But as Gamma's mouth was forming the words, "I volunteer,", Amaria said, "I don't want any volunteers." She couldn't let this manly girl take her place. She couldn't look weak in front of all of Panem. She didn't know why she did it, now she was declaring her own death.
Jallie looked a bit startled as she had never expected those words, but instead she just shrugged and walked over the the guy's reaping ball.

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Royalin 'Roya' Wood stood directly in the center of the crowd of fellow District 5 citizens. she was surprised to see how beautiful the day was--clear skies, puffs of white clouds, a warm breeze smelling of honey and pollen drifting in the air, though not enough to water eyes.

Upon the stage stood one of the officials, hot pink acrylic nails set with giant rhinestones taped her tiny chin as she stared happily into the crowd. The woman had no hair, but instead her bald head was decorated with gold tattoos and her outfit was merely a simplye black and white pin stripe suit.

Roya immediately disliked her.

She was alone, waiting for her best friend to meet her where she said she would, though there would only be thirty seconds [judging from the clock] until the Reaping would start. Where the hell was Lucee?

Roya crossed her arms, and closed her eyes briefly. She could feel it in her bones, this terrible, aching feeling. How much time had passed since she closed her eyes? No more hushed whispering lingered by her ears, and now she could feel stares boring into her. Usually, she didn't care if people stared at her as they did anyways, but the emotion in these eyes wasn't quite right.

Peeking her eyes open, she looked around, everyone looking directly at her, gasps taking place in the crowd like waves in an ocean, whooosshhhwooooshhhh.

"AGAIN, I repeat our Distrit 5 tribute is ROYALIN WOOD! Come on my sweet, up on the stage you go."

NO. Oh god no.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 30 comments Lir Daichi sat against a wall, ignoring the burning in his stomach. He had been living on the streets for three years now, working under the table for the wealthier people in district 9.

He took an idle swing from the bottle resting against his knees, wondering what month it was. A crowd of people stood not far away, and his clouded mind worked through why people would be gathered here when they could be working in the forges.

Oh gods, its not another reaping already? he thought sluggishly, crawling to his feet. He wore the white clothes common in his district, the mud splatters on his clothes made all the more evident.

He stumbled toward one of the more sympathetic patrons and tapped his shoulder, voicing his question. The woman nodded, clutching her two children fearfully to her chest.

He turned his attention towards the announcer, wondering who the unlucky sap would be thrown into the games.

The announcer fished in the bowl, pulling out the tributes name.

"The male tribute for this year is.....LIR DAICHI!" the man shouted, searching the crowd for the tribute.

Lir buckled over, any signs of being drunk disappearing. Behind him, he could hear Gage Helrick snickering, pushing him towards the stage. Only one thought rang through his mind as the traitorous hands pushed him to his grave.

Oh crap

Lyat Faltow twisted her way into the courtyard, swinging the jade pendant in her hand. District 6 was always beautiful this time of year, and she spent every moment she could outside. Even reaping day
couldn't spoil her mood.

She moved close to the stage, winking at her friends and acquaintances.

She wore a short red dress with jade, one of her mothers personal favourites, proudly, for not many could afford such a thing here.

Lyat waved at the announcer as he pulled out a tributes name, waiting to see which of her friends would go to their dooms.

"Lyat Faltow, would you come to the stage!" commanded the announcer boldly, waving a hand expectantly.

Lyat faltered, her vision blurring as she crashed to one knee, fainting.

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Zack stood there with other boys his own age. Not really paying attention to them. Just staring up on stage. Waiting for it to start. Waiting for this nightmare to be over.

He saw the lady step up on stage to pick the names. His stomach dropped. It was like nothing he has every felt before. "Dammit!" He said while doubling over and gasping for breath.

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As the girl name was read he was still breathing hard and holding his stomach. A girl he didn't know walked up on the stage. He stared at her face, knowing she will end up dead soon. Of course no volunteer, their never is here in 10. Zack stood up and watched as the boys name was drawn.

He heard his name, he heard it echo inside his brain for several minutes before anything happened. And when something did, it wasn't good. Zack was sprawled on the ground, hyperventilating. Some kids helped him up, he walked slowly to the stage. Not caring about the tears rolling down his face.

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......................Where is everyone??

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((PEOPLE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

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((I'm gonna send a group message! A strongly worded one at that!))

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 30 comments ((hmmm, a strongly worded message you say?))

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((Well it was a message haha! Maybe it'll motivate people!))

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((I'm here! *applauds* :P ))

And then Roya was on the stage. Shivering despite the brisk, warm air. Her arms were wrapped securely around her waist, her mind numb. She didn't want to speak, move, or cry. What was she to feel besides pure terror? Besides sorrow?

This is it. Roya thought, I'm going to die.


In a matter of minutes, Royalin was whisked away from the stage--another boy tribute called out whom Roya hadn't payed any attention to due to her state.

Can't be happening. Can't be happening. Can't be happening.

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Hannah (hannahmarie43) Amaria stook frozen on the stage, the news not yet sinking in. She picked out her mother in the crowd, her slender figure clutching her husband for support, tears streaming down her cheeks. Tears threatened against Mari's eyes, watching her mother like that, in such a state of despair. She was leaving her mother in that house with her father. Her father was probably going to be angry. Not a good combonation.

I should've let her volunteer Mari chided herself.

She blinked back tears to her stupidity. How could she possibly pass up a volunteer? Just for her own pride. Her mother needed her, and now she missed her only chance by not letting Gamma volunteer. This was a death sentence, and she had just declared her death.

She held her hand out for the male tribute to shake when he came up. She wasn't listening to his name, didn't look into his eyes for any ounce of recognition. And then they were wisked away to the Justice building to say their goodbyes.

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GSGS | 37 comments Fallah stood in amongst the crowd, not really paying attention. She was thinking about other things.

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Rimma stared angrily up at the vast blue expanse of the sky. It was like whomever controlled it was playing some sick joke on her. The bright cheerfulness contradicted the feelings of nervousness and furry that hung in the air.

She stood in a tightly packed section for the thirteen-year-olds. The sun, a ball of light, made sweat the only smell on the warm breeze. It is not often we get weather like this, she thought, and kicked herself. Why was she contemplating the weather when she could receive her death sentence any second now?

The next few minutes were all but a blur to Rimma. One moment she was studying her coal dusted fingernails, the next she was shoved onto a stage. It took her a few seconds to realize what happend to her. She did not feel sad or worried, only pure hatred. It pulled at her gut. There was no chance of her sheding a tear. Her eyes were like rocks; never moving from the distant forest. Her mouth was neither smiling nor frowning, just some kind of unatural in-between. She didn't dare look down. The whole district knew her fate now, they didn't need tears to prove it. When she thought of her family, and what the Capital had now done to them and so many others, she knew one thing. In some way she was going to defy the Capital, even if she died doing so.

((fyi I changed my carri's name. I hope this is ok. This is my first thyme...teehee....rping.))

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Hannah (hannahmarie43) ((Really? I would have never guessed this was your first time! You're pretty good!))

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Rachel (absurdlynerdygirl) | 101 comments Mod
((Awww....thanks. That really means a lot to me!!! ^-^))

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Okay well we have been doing this for a while.

So were gonna go to chariot rides.

Chariot rides!!

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Harry (HarryClark) | 32 comments (srry im late, I still need to do my reaping, so ill make it short)
I stood there, not sure if I wanted it to be me or not.
If it is me,then ill be a career, so ill have a better chance, but i wont target since im small.
But ill probably die anyway.
if they call me im dead.
so when my slip of paper is pulled, only one thought comes to mind

"well this sucks"

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GSGS | 37 comments ((me too))
Fallah looked at the ground, paying no attention whatsoever to the reaping. Suddenly she heard her name and every one looked around at her, pity on their faces. She had been orphaned, a week ago. She sighed and walked up to the stage, feeling no emotion.

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Okay I honestly hate pre games stuff. So sorry if I dont post anything. I just like actually roleplaying it.

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 30 comments Lyat was barely conscious as they dragged her onto the train, her eyes blurred with tears.

Lir growled, boarding the train. What did he care if he died?

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GSGS | 37 comments ((damn goodreads i just wrote this whole paragraph and it closed on me.g grrrr))
Fallah went through the interviews and the preparations numbly. Like she was in shock. She didn't care about the outcomes of the Games. She didn't have a reason to live. All her family were dead. So when she boarded the train, she just stepped up and sat down as if it were just another train ride.

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Maple was seated on the bed given to him on the train. He closed his eyes, replaying everything that had happened... Maple was standing beside his best friend, Pete, and was grinning widely as Pete told a joke to lighten the mood. The announcer called out the girl... some 15 year old Maple had never heard of. He couldn't help but feel fear as the announcer stuck his hand into the bowl, and fished around for a slip of paper. He raised the slip to his eyes... "District 11's male tribute is.... Pete Mixab!" Maple froze in fear, and quickly grabbed Pete's shoulder. "I'll volunteer! I'll volunteer!" Maple yelled, and pushed Pete back into the crowd. "Take care of your family." Maple whispered into Pete's ear, and glanced over to where Pete's family stood. He turned away from Pete, and made his way up onto the stage. He put a confident smile on his face, and turned to the female tribute to shake her hand. They shook hands, the girl barely noticing him.... and now he was here. Maple started to pace across the room, "Why did I volunteer?!" he asked himself angrily, and punched the wall.

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Emily (lafillebrigitte) ((first off id like to say im ok with Thily dying, but not in the blood bath cuz she's my only Charrie.
i'll make this brief:))

Thily and her friend, Therse, stood nervously in the pen for the Reaping females. Thily had more names in there than anyone in her district she guessed but Therse just said she was being paranoid. the reaper reached into the bowl and brought out a slip of paper. "Thily b. Skiprose! Welcome to the Hunger Games!" my jaw dropped and Therse quickly offered to volenteer, but Thily rejected it.

"i have not reason for life to begin with, you have a family. im going." so she did.


Thily was on the train, heading to her doom but her mind had shut out the truth so she was blissfully taking a hot shower and playing with her hair.

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