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Rp heree(:

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Jessie was crrying her back to her room nd dropped it in her toe a strem of cuss words flew out of her mouth then.

Lux was looking for his room and found the room

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idk,I like Co-ed rooms to RP with, they re esier to do))

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(( yah))

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Lux smiled at her, "Hi" he said quietly, looking around

Jessie Smiled and blushed, "Hi, J- I'm Jessie" She said, pulling her hair behind her hair with one hand and shook his hand with the other

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Jessie smiled and unpacked also "Yeah"

Lux smiled and unpacked his clothes on the first bed he saw

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Jessie smiled and quickly put her stuff away, "That's really cool, what- what grade are you in?"

Lux smiled at her, "So, you like it here?"

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Jessie smiled, "OH, cool"

Lux chuckled, 'Yeah, I'm just a litttlllleeee nervous"

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Lux smiled, "School, living at the place you go to school?"

She smiled (( i think shes in 11th)) "Um, Junior"

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He threw his shoulders up, "In a drwar?"

"hey" Jessie chuckled and put away her shirts

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Lux smiled, "I have no idea about this"

Jessie Put her clothes away

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Lux chuckled, "You ever been at a boarding school before?"

Jessie finnished unpacking

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Lux chuckled, " How the helled she get you kicked out?"

Jessie looked up, "What do we do now?"

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Lux chuckled, "Girls.... I mean, not you" he blushed deeply.

Jessie nodded, "and that would be a good idea."

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Lux chuckled, "Girls... ahhh"

Jessie followed.

(( sorry I have to go ))

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Lux chuckled, "totally, you?"

Jessie smiled and got her lunch

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Lux smiled and made his way with her to the cafiteria

Jessie smiled and looked at her food, not wanting to eat it.

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Lux got to the cafeteria and smiled, " ah, we have a fine selection today I see"

Jessie ate her food quickly and ate a lot, she smiled softly, "excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back."

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Jessie ran to the bathroom and threw it all up and then brushed her teethm she went over to Lyle and smiled.

He glanced at her and grabbed a cheese burge, he found a spot by a tree.

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Lux chuckled, "I like green"

Jessie looked around, "We aloud out of this compound?"

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Jessie frowned, "Oh"

Lux looked over at her, " Alabama"

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Jessie smiled, "Cool!"

Lux ;ooked at her, "My step-dad sent me away after my mom died." "you?"

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Cat huffed as she watched out her dorm window. Her boyfriend from last year was here again. He had broken up with her and she was a wreck. Most students went home or away for the summer. Except those who didint have anywhere to go. Like her and her brother. Her room was girly and totally her. She had a zebra bed spread and rug. Pink everwhere and black curtains. She had posters of her favorite stars and pictures of her and friends all over. Seventeen magazines lay piled in the corner and her tv turned to mtv as it sat on her dresser. She wore a pair of ripped flare jeans, a gray tank top and flip flops. her hair straigtend and makeup done.

Dallas was talking with one of his closest friends out in the hallway. They were talkin about the football team and what they thought it would be like. His room had a football comferter, blue curitains and a blue rug. Clothes in the corner, tv off. He wore shorts and a football shirt. He thought about his sister and how the year was going to be.

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Lux chuckled, "It is stupid."

She grbbed his hand and followed him

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((can someone make charries for mine?))

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Jessie followed him, shocked about the body.

Lux glanced around, "She was nice, and warm"

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(( me also ))

Lux said, " like me in what specifically."

Jessie smiled and went to the gitar hero thingy and beet the record

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((can someone make a boy for my girl on orphange then?))

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(( later I will, remind me to though, I have to get some tests ))

Lux nodded, "She had the same laugh"

Jessie she was rocking out

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Stella hummed lightly to her slef as she hung up her favorite dress in her closet. Paris had been so much fun this year. Unfortunatly she was back in school. It would be a better year though. Her fashion design class was supposed to be fabulous, and she was finally a junior.

Evan sat listening to music in his room with nothing better to do.

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((hey sarah, if i make another girl, can you make a boy?))

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Sarah  | 331 comments Mod
((me right))

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((yea. actually can you make a boy for Cat. i forgot i had her.))

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((yea but in orphan right))

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((um no. this rp. boarding school. unless you want me to make another girl in orphan?))

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Sarah  | 331 comments Mod

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((which one?))

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((can u do both))

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((kay. and i know you made a charrie on orphan. but it cant have a crush on Cat cause hezelstar is going to make cat a boy. i can make you a girl though for the charrrie))

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((no i didnt i deleted it ))

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((oh kay.))

Cat smiled at the new people as they filed into the aud. She wore her cheer uniform and her hair straigtened. Cats gray Uggs looked cute with the uniform. She was head cheerleader and very pretty. She stood on the aud stage with some teachers and some other cheerleaders. She held a mic in her hand

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ricky stood next to cat he was the only male cheerleader but he was not gay he was alctually really helpful

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Cat whispered something to a girl. her and Ricy were good friends but people were telling her that he liked alot.

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he whispered over to her secrets dont make firend s

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Cat rolled her eyes. "good morning students. welcome to Frontier boarding school. Im Catherine heart and head cheerleader. I would like to welcome you guys to the school"

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he smiled

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cat glanced at him. "Have a good day."

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when she was done talking he went over to her " umm so do u want to go grab a bite to eat with me later"

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"sure, I guess" cat nodded. He was actually really hot.

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ok i will see u then

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