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Jeff Brailey I met John Shors at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference last month and had the opportunity to discuss his first published novel with him at length. Beneath a Marble Sky is essentially a historic novel that is subtitled "A Love Story" on the cover. John says Penguin decided the subtitle and he wasn't happy with it because the book is much more than that.

After reading it, I agree. It is a love story but it is so much more than that. There is murder, intrigue, sadism, bloody battles of war, torture. It truly is a historical novel with the twist of a mystery and the essence of a thriller. Men who avoid reading this book because it is a love story will be missing out on a great read.

Namrata Absolutely! An essentional read for historic fiction readers.

Dustin O'Regan This book is one of my all time favorites! I am a voracious reader and love a book that captures my interest. This book was so beautifully written that I couldn't put it down for hours on end. I even read it a second time, which is a first for me. Usually, I read a book and I wouldn't think of picking it up again. But, Beneath a Marble Sky was too precious of a book to read only once. I highly recommend it!

Leila Once begun I had a hard time putting down "Beneath a Marble Sky". It does have adult content and as previously reported murders, intrigue, & wars.
It's hard to image the lengths royal families will go in the battle for the power to rule - even over each other. On the other hand what others endure and suffer for in the name of love ~- classic struggles between good and evil. I think this is going on my favorites shelf - definitely a keeper.

John Hi to everyone who commented on this thread. I just came across this thread and wanted to thank all of you for reading my novel, Beneath a Marble Sky. I'm so glad to see that you enjoyed it, and I'm truly grateful for your support! Thanks for the five-star ratings! It's an exciting time for me with BAMS, as Warner Brothers is getting closer to turning it into a major miniseries. By the way, you might enjoy my new novel, Unbound, which is based on a famous Chinese love story and is set on the Great Wall. My very best wishes to you! - John

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