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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Maren
Mood: Content
Diary Entry: I'm mithing my home.
Of course, I love it hewe. Ivan is tho nice... and everyone else in the Cabin theems to adore me. But, jutht a wittle, I mitth back home. I mith being puwwed out of bed in the morning and having ouw butwers dwess me. I mith having bweakfatht in bed and all of the lux...luxur.... all of the fancy thingth I had back home. Life is hawd hewe. You get injued quickwy, and twaining is deadwy. It theemth like a hard life to live...
But at weatht I have Ivan. If it wewen't for him, I pwobabwy wouldn't have vithited the Wake or gotten up the gutth to go twain. He ith wike the big bwothew I nevew had. If you evew wead this, tankoo Ivan!
~ Maren

TRANSLATION: I'm missing my home. Of course, I love it here. Ivan is so nice... and everyone else in the Cabin seems to love me! But, just a little, I miss back home. I miss being pulled out of bed in the morning and having the butlers dress me. I miss having breakfast in bed and all of the luxuries I had back home. Life is hard here. You get injured quickly, and training is deadly. It seems like a hard life... But at least I have Ivan. If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't have gone to the Lake or gotten up the guts to go train. He is like the big brother I never had. If you read this, thank you Ivan!

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Chaumelle (Chammy, as you all know her by)
Mood: Pissed
Diary Entry: WHY. DID. NO. ONE. BOTHER. TO. TELL. ME?! I was gone for... what, a week? Maybe two? Nothing much should have happened, right?
Myra ended up in love with Lucas, which I can already tell isn't going to last. Rosa is probably more dead now then she ever has been in her life. Even going to the beach can't satisfy me right now! I'm pissed!
Lucas is a complete and utter blind @ss. If he didn't notice that Myra loved him in the first place, who's to say that he won't fail to notice other, more important things?!
Myra... Myra, Myra Myra. She's too blind to notice that Lucas is completely wrong for her. He's a player! She should trust me on this, if not anything! I'm a daughter of Aphrodite, for Gods's sakes! I know these things! He is going to find some other, prettier girl (which will be hard, if he's smart) and dump Myra. And when he does, he's going to dump her hard. I feel bad, but what can I do? You just simply can't tell your friend that you hate her boyfriend! That's just not right!
And then there's Rosa... poor, sick Rosa. If she had gotten over herself and stayed with us, she wouldn't be sick right now, would she. If only mother hadn't chosen her as the prettiest... there would be absolutely no problems now. Rosa would be alive, well, and out fetching boys like she should. We would all be out fetching boys like we should be. Instead, Rosa is stuck inside her Cabin with her 'sisters' that are just as sick as she is! I have a sinking feeling that she isn't going to make it out of this, and I don't know if I can handle that...
Oh my gods. What has happened to my life?! I should be out, fetching hot boys for one-nighters, going to the beach and attracting attention... but no. I'm here, worrying about Myra and my sister. How lame is that? How un-Aphrodite-ish is that?! I can't afford to worry about either of them, they've got their own lives to live.
But, as long as I'm being truthful, I might as well admit this. I've often considered joining the Hunt, just to escape from all of this Love Madness. I'm sure Lucas would hate me less, Myra would like me more and Rosa would love me again. Maybe I seriously ought to consider that...
~ Chaumelle

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod



Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments *grins* you learn to love CHammy, and her annoyingness. And Maren... she's a struggle. She has a lisp and all, ya know... so it's difficult but worth it!

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 4139 comments wow...

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Chammy is a little... *rolls finger around head* coocoo. She's not very nicee..... and Maren... *huggles* I LUV MAREN!

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 4139 comments I thougth...nvm

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments ? don't leave me hanging!

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) | 4139 comments I HAD A WEIR DREAM ABOU THIS GROUP AND UNICORNS

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments I invented Vampicorns and Pegapires once.

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod


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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Rosa
Mood: Sick
Diary Entry: Does not the world keep getting better and better each day?
I suppose there are some lies- some secrets that I have held that I must spill. It is with a heavy heart that I explain these things, and do not prejudice me or my fellow sisters. They had nothing to do with what I am about to speak of.
When I first came to Camp, my mother was clear. I was beautiful, I was self-centered... I was an Aphrodite. They seemed to accept me, to take me in, and I felt as though I belonged. I was loved, by my new family and all of the boys at Camp. I suppose all of this went to my head...
We all got in a huge fight, over something stupid I'm sure. Shoes were thrown, hair was pulled, nails were chipped... I had had enough of this sick, vain cabin and needed to get out of there. Luckily, it was the end of summer and I was to go home.
My father clearly noticed the change in me. At my school, every boy drooled over me. It seemed that the biggest challenge at our school was to 'screw' the 'hottie'. The 'hottie' was me.
I decided enough was enough. I went home, in a horrid mood. My father and I fought. I told him he was like all of the other boys, only keeping me around to get something out of me. He yelled back, saying I was a 'slut' like my mother. We fought for a while longer, and he pulled me into the car. He drove me to Half-Blood Hill, literally kicked me out of the car and drove off. He told me to come back changed or to never come back at all.
Well, Father, I certainly have changed.
When I returned to Camp, all was different. My fellow siblings hated me, and it seemed every boy was dying to lie at my feet, to serve me. With all of this on my mind, I did the only thing I thought I could do to rid myself of that torture.
I contacted Artemis.
At first, she didn't seem welcoming. But, as I slowly explained my story to her, she became sympathetic. She told me that I could fix this all by joining the Hunt, and so I did.
Of course, not long after this the sickness began. At times, I am beginning to regret the choice I made back then. Perhaps, if I had remained as I had been, I would have had a chance. Sure, I would have been hated and loved in two seperate ways, but I would not be at the risk of dying as I am now.
Of course, nothing will be worth it if I die. My whole life will be a waste... and I will be condemned to the Fields of Punishment forever. There are some things done, some crimes committed, that never go away. Lord Hades will not overlook my crimes committed, I certainly know it.
Oh, how I do not want to die!
It is with a heavy heart and a sick mind that I close my entry. I have spilled my secrets, and let Lord Hades have mercy on my soul.
~ Rosa

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Liliana
Mood: Proud of Herself
Diary Entry: I knew I could do some good with my life! It seemed just this morning that I was crying my eyes out to Simyda about... Cyril. It was hard to get over, of course, but I can do it in time.
I ran into Iviana, the poor girl. She was in tears, and at first I felt as helpless as she did. She told me what happened, and I feel confident that no one will find this and know what she told me.
She was singing in a mossy clearing that she told me no monsters every visited. She sang a song about loving a boy who didn't love her back, and she replaced the name in it with Cullen... a son of Hermes, I think?
The boy, Cullen, found her, and I think I remember she said she freaked and ran. He tried to stop her, she tried to explain herself... thingsd just went downhill.
She made me remember my own feelings for Cyril, and how I would always drop hints on how I loved him. We were the best of friends... and he only admitted he loved me right before he jumped.
I don't expect Iviana to believe everything I said- I don't believe half of it myself. The world doesn't end in fairy-tales and happily-ever-afters. It's not possible to get that. If you get close, it is ripped away from you by the cruel Fates.
I can only hope Cyril is enjoying himself in Elisyum.
It is with a weight taken off of my shoulders that I finish this entry. I feel better than I have in years, and I know Simyda would be proud. She would, if it were not for her poor Hunters...
Here goes to Iviana, the girl who has been through so much lately. She is handling it extremely well, as I would have never been able to do.
~ Liliana

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod

~love~ so you know I mean ir.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments ~huggle~ I feel loved! :3D <-- happy mustache man with happy mustace man memories.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Rosa
Mood: Scared
Diary Entry: Oh, Hades... may Lady Artemis have mercy on me next I see her, if I ever do again.
I had forgotten a boy's charm, a boy's kindness to an injured girl.... I'm certain mother would be proud. I cannot... I do not understand what is happening to me. I thought I had buried these feelings long ago, put them away in a tidy little box when I joined the Hunt. I never expected for these feelings to return...
Ah, Caleb. How shall I describe him? His looks amaze me, his words send tingled up my spine... He touches me and I feel the butterflies fluttering around in the pit of my stomach. If I remember correctly, those are the sure signs of love. My question is how did these feelings resurface?
I blame Chaumelle. If she hadn't visited me today, I doubt my old life would have crossed my mind anymore than it normally does. I would have lived my life- what's left of it- having hidden forever my heritage from my sisters.
Oh me... I truly and honestly think I am in love. Murder me at will. Take away my eternal maidenhood. None of it will matter. Of course, I will still pay my respective visits to the Cabin, but as of this moment?
I turn my back on the Hunt and step out into the uncharted territory that is Caleb Fletcher.
~ Rosa

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod
F*ck a moose.
That was...

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments *grins* I told you a lot happened. She made Caleb, I decided I wanted to play Rosa. We brought them to the woods and... *shrugs* life happened.

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod
I love that quote
'Life Happens'

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments I know, it rocks. Rosie freaked last night, of course. Cassidy tried to make her pick betweenn Madeline and Caleb. *shudders* Even I was confused on who to pick for that. But she never did...

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Who roleplays Caleb?

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Ivi. *screams* WHIM!

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Hai. *grins* Ivi and I did another all-nighter, cept she fell asleep at 2. We have these crazy ideas at night.

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Rosa (again, I know. Her life is in pieces)
Mood: Scared, confused.
Diary Entry: Is this it then?
Is this my punishment? Is Lord Hades punishing me before my death?
My life as I know it is ruined. And the stupid thing that ruined it? A young Huntress, not following the rules.
I am ashamed in myself. I shouldn't have... have done what I did. I cannot believe that I allowed myself to do what I did. Love is merely for the frightened, the alone, and tonight I was in that category.
I suppose I cannot blame anyone but myself. It was my choice, you see. I could have declined Caleb's help and that would have been that... except I didn't. There was something different about Caleb almost from the start.
Is it honestly that horrible? What is so wrong with falling in love? I cannot begin to think what would have happened should Lady Artemis have found me... I was lucky it was only Odette.
I fear what is coming for me now. I must, of course, admit all of my sins. Then it will be up to Lady Artemis to decide what to do with me. They will most likely reject me from the Hunt, strip me of my immortality.
But, would that honestly be that bad? With the condition I am currently in, it would almost be a blessing. Sure, I would come out ten years older. But so what? I would be healthy and alive.
But the only problem with that? Once again, Caleb. He is the only person that makes me wish to keep my immortality.
I await my fate bravely, knowing there is one thing on my side no matter how I end up. Love.
~ Rosa

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Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod
It's not Lord Hades.
It's b*tch Hades.
It's d*ck Hades.
But awesomeness!!

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments I pity her sooooooooo much.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) LOVELOVELOVE!!!!!

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Chaumelle
Mood: Annoyed
Diary Entry: The nerve of some people!
I only have three people to blame this time- Anfisa, Lucas and... The Phobos boy.
We'll start with Anfisa.
She seems sweet, but she doesn't talk. She's a daughter of Hecate, which is the only reason I won't say anything awful. Let's put it like this- she's touchy. Anything I said to her seemed to be taken the wrong way. She walked off after I told her they were secluded so...
Lucas- that @ss. Just can't leave me alone. He walks into the Battle Arena and starts talking to me like we're old friends. Creeper! I almost wish he would have fought me so he could learn what it feels like to lose.
And the Phobos boy. What a douche. To lazy to share one cigarette- though he did in the end-, making me remember her death... I hate him. But, as you know me, I love the hot douchebag boys. So... Nuff said.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Rosa
Mood: Relieved
Diary Entry: It happened.
Madeline died not long after Odette. Georgiana returned from the Infirmary and decided we needed to speak with the Lady Artemis. I offered, knowing I could not delay the facts for long. When I dreamt, I dreamt with the Lady. She... she banished me from the Hunt, the only true home I knew.
Or so I thought.
Simyda and I fought as I was leaving. She was saying I was selfish for loving Caleb and for getting thrown out and blaming it on the Hunters. I packed quickly and walked to my home, the Aphrodite Cabin.
I ran into Caleb and explained to him what happened. He thought it was his fault, but I denied him. Nothing incredibly important happened, but then I went home.
Oh, how I have... missed- yes, I admit I missed it- the smell of that perfume-filled cabin. They were all welcoming... well, besides Chaumelle of course. Mallory acted as if nothing happened, and even Henry- whom had never been close to me- seemed to be relieved I was back.
It's like a first day all over again.
I feel loved again. With the Hunters, it was a strain. There were my secrets on top of the sickness, making us all cross and untrustworthy. I would have left sooner or later.
Perhaps I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Perhaps, if I had waited longer, until the sickness was over, I would still be in the Hunt. But, if that was true, I would never have met Caleb.
And I pity the Rosa that never knew him.
He is amazing, and I would... I did give up my life for him. But now I step into a new life, one that I feel suits me better now than it did before. I am hoping things can go on as normal... but what is normal for me? The Hunt? No. The Aphrodite Cabin? Possibly, but it is too early to tell.
At least Caleb is there. He is my shoulder to lean on, and I have a feeling I will be needing that shoulder until my life returns to 'normal'.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Omgosh!!!! I love that!!!! Good job!!!!

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Grazie (I think that's how it's spelled.....) Milay (another spelling failure.). She just flows and flows when I write for her. And Marshmellow. :)

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Thats what happens with some of my characters too.

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Yup. It happens when their lives suck. WHich we tend to do often because who doesn't like trauma?

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Lol. Ikr? It's fun tirtuing people!!

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) Yayayayay!

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Noel
Mood: Sore
Diary Entry: Today was quite honestly the best day ever. Meant sarcastically.
Ivan was great, of course. Nothing against him. It's the events that happened today.
First was the lake. We were talking normally- well, as normally as you can get underwater with a son of Poseidon. We decided to go up when we saw these two Apollo children fighting a griffin! I screamed and they killed it, but the girl got injured and went to the infirmary, I think. Ivan was kinda sad after that and I never found out why.
Then we went back to my cabin so I could change, and he was even stranger then. But then I got him to be normal and we skipped to the beach. I told him he looked like a wierdo and the playful banter began again.
Then we had a breathing contest. Joy, that was hard. I nearly died (overdramatic, I know). But close enough! I came up, coughing and he was all worried. I joked and told him I was fine, we talked for a while longer and went to the Mess Hall.
Then I choked.
I choked on pasta, I think it was. He came over to help me, but I shook my head because Mr. D was right there and I didn't want Ivan getting turned into a porpoise. I was fine soon after, then we went to the forest.
We ran into a harpy.
The harpy attacked us for no reason, and we made it out alive at least. It hurt my arm pretty badly, which is why this handwriting is so awful- I'm forced to write with my right hand. Ivan took me to the infirmary and this Rosa girl patched me up okay. She complained for a while (booooring if you ask me) and then I managed to slip away to the beach again.
But, all in all, a very good day, as I'm sure you can tell?
~ Noel

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod
But at least Ivan's... okay. I think...

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Avery
Mood: Vengeful
Diary Entry: Oh-ho-ho I can't wait until I find Evander.
To start off, as I've never written anything before, one of my few good friends, Jasmine, is a daughter of Demeter. A scary one at that. She could have been one of us, but she doesn't have the willpower, natural fear or spunk to be like us. She's around my age and she's nothing- I repeat, nothing- like a typical daughter of Demeter. She's dark and twisty- exactly why she's my friend.
So, according to her, Evander ran into her at the Battle Arena. Apparently she was stupid enough to accept a fight from him.
Now, for any of you who luckily don't know Evander, he's a complete and utter douche. He doesn't give a damn about people, which brings me to my point.
Apparently, Evander got her in a situation where she would either have her throat slit or her wrist slit. Jasmine isn't stupid; she picked her wrist rather than her life. Smart. Then Evander, being the complete and utter douche I know him to be, decided to release his fear-magic. I'm not sure if he had a reason to, but I honestly don't care.
So after that I don't have many details, but I ran into Jasmine later. Gods, she seemed scared of me. Scared! Of me! She didn't want to talk at first, but I think I scared it out of her. Once she let it out she talked more freely. I told her I'd get revenge, and that's what I plan to do.
I don't know if I'm going to use Metus- who, by the way, bit one of my other few friends today, but that's for another day- or if I'm simply going to hit him with a frying pan. But I'm getting revenge, for Jasmine and for all the other people at this camp who have been subjected to Evander's aura. He needs to learn his lesson and needs to start paying attention to others. If he doesn't, he won't get far in life at all.
And I think I pity him for that.
~ Avery

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I also love: "Apparently she was stupid enough to accept a fight from him." Then it goes: "Jasmine isn't stupid..." Oh, the irony.

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments What is with you people and the frying pan? Does it have to do with tangled?

Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Nope. It's just painful.

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