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message 1: by Ally, Born in this world as it all falls apart (new)

Ally Urie-Ross (iwannaberyanross) | 28 comments Mod
Race: (Human or Chankannibal?(Chankannibal is a new man-eating race that also eats all the new races, including their own race.))
Any Surviving Family?:

message 2: by Ross (last edited Nov 09, 2010 03:19AM) (new)

Ross Bauer (nightlightknight) Name: None that he can remember, but has come to call himself Edward, or Ed for short
Age: 22 (estimated)
Race: Chankannibal (Rejekter)
Personality: tortured (he is one of the rare 'Rejekters', Chankannibals, who grapple with their inhuman urge to feed.

Appearance: Pale and hairless, the mutations from the nuclear holocaust have given him increased agility and speed, teeth and fingernails are long and razor sharp, and his eyes are black slits in a pool of blazing yellow. (coudn't find a suitable picture:p)

History: Was formerly human, but was warped beyond all recognition as a result of being caught out in the open during the devestating nuclear holocaust 21 years previously. One of the few survivors he was genetically altered by the deadly cocktail of biochemicals that corrupted everything it touched.

Any Surviving Family?: None that he knows of
His one year of human life was filled with love, his parents, though poor loved him very much and he was the centre of their world.

As a result of genetic warping, Edward has;
powder-white skin,no body hair, large slit-pupilled yellow eyes, sharp claws and teeth, slit nostrils. He's three times as fast as the average human and doesn't feel the elements, doesn't sweat, has shark protrusions on his arms, legs and upper back.

Queen Susan the Gentle (highqueensusanofcairparavel) Name: Adrianna
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Quiet, headstrong, shy.
History: Her mom killed when she was only 8. She was raised by her dad and older brother, Kyle. but when destruction of the world began, her dad was killed and her brother disappeared. She is still looking for him.
Any Surviving Family?: Kyle, her brother.

Name: Kyle
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Personality: Sarcastic, tough, but caring and understanding.
Appearance: Short spiked black hair, pale skin, and green eyes.
History: Same as Adrianna.
Any Surviving Family?: Adrianna, his younger sister.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Max
Age: 22
Race: Human (Transgenic)
Personality: She can be nice or she can be mean, It all depends on who you are.
Appearance: Six foot with waist length streight black hair, Chocolatey Brown eyes Always wears a Catsuit, with a Black leather Jacket or a Black Tank-Top with Flare leg Jeans with her Leather Jacket
History: Unknown
Any Surviving Family?: Unknown
Other: Very protective of the Younger Humans, She's a Very Skilled Fighter

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