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message 1: by Ally, Born in this world as it all falls apart (new)

Ally Urie-Ross (iwannaberyanross) | 28 comments Mod
*It's a sunny day and the park is open, and it's the perfect weather for swimming. Have your character swim, hang out, nap, or look for love.*

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Cheri wandered to the park.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Cheri looked over to Sterling, smiling sweetly.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Cheri sighed, stopping walking and sitting down.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Cheri looked up, confused. "Yes?" She asked, her strong French accent showing.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Cheri giggled, petting the dog. "It is alright" She smiled.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

"Do not worry, it is fine" Cheri smiled, stroking the dog's head.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

"Really, is it?" Cheri asked, pronouncing 'Really' wrong.

message 9: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani jogged to the park with headphones in her ears playing music as loud as they could.

message 10: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani turned to look at something and tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. She let out a squeal as she flipped head over heals and landed in the gravel.

message 11: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani looked down at her bloody legs "Yeah I'm great," she mumbled. She started to pick the tiny rocks out of the cuts in her arms.

Spazzy Maz Brit [the insane one] (cally215) Grr.. I want to post but..I haven't been approved..))

message 13: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani flinched as he pulled out rocks "Ow that hurts," she told him as she tried to push his hands away.

message 14: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "I can do it, I can do it!" she half yelled, close to tears "You're getting blood all over yourself and I'm not an invalid!"

message 15: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments She got up and stumbled away from him. She sat down on the ground in a patch of grass and slowly started to pick the rocks out herself, angry at herself and at him. She hated it when strangers tried to help her, especially after she did something stupid.

message 16: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments She watched him run away then she finished picking out the rocks. When she was done she got up and tried to find where her ipod and earphones were. She found them in a water filled, muddy gutter and they were completely ruined.

message 17: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments She sat and held her ipod in her hands, teas leaking from her eyes and trailing down her cheeks. At the foster home you were allowed to have 5 pairs of clothes and one possession. This had been her one possession and she had no money for a new one and her foster parents were not required to give her an allowance, plus no one wanted to hire a reject. Everything she had ever had always seemed to get destroyed somehow.

message 18: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments She stared at it for a few more minutes then she threw it across the road and growled in the back of her throat.

message 19: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments She looked at it then looked up at him "I can't listen to it now anyway, but thank you for trying. And um, I'm sorry I got upset at you I know you were only trying to help me." She looked back down at the ipod in her hand.

message 20: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean was sitting on the park bench, by the Fountain, sketching how it looked with all the water flowing down it. It looked pretty impressive, if she did say so herself.

message 21: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments ((sorry about that i had to leave to go make some suger skulls))

She took the ear buds and put them in his pocket "I don't need them and your charity is very kind but I don't need that either." She looked up at him "But I will take a few band aids if you don't mind."

message 22: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "Yeah thank you," she said putting the earphones back in his pocket again "No. I don't want them."

message 23: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean sighed and looked around the park, seeing two of the kids she usually see's around but never bothered to talk to. People usually talked to her if they wanted, she was too shy to start a conversation. Ocean flipped to a new page in her sketchbook, she was finished with the waterfall, and she looked at the two teenagers. She squinted to see them better and started sketching quickly, sticking out her tongue with concentration.

message 24: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "I can do it," she said and blocked his hands. She obviously wasn't used to help, she liked to do things on her own.

message 25: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "No no, I'll be fine," she said "Its not the first time, cuts always close eventually." She put all the band aids on the biggest cuts then she got up and brushed herself off. Her whole body ached and it took all her strength not to cringe with every movement.

message 26: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) When Ocean finished the teenager's faces she looked up and saw a perfect pose. The boy holding the girls arm in concern and the girl looking at him with a little bit of wonder and distaste. Ocean changed a few lines on the face and sketched their bodies so fast, not even looking up, she was so into the sketch that she wasn't focusing on anything but that.

message 27: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments She looked at his hands holding onto her arm but didn't tell him to move them "Why are you being so nice to me? Don't you have somewhere to be?"

message 28: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean finished the sketch and smiled, tearing it out and looking down at it. It was amazing. She had to move the hair out of her face a few times, it was a bit windy out. Ocean looked down at her watch, it was time for her to head home. So she started walking the way of the boy and girl, but tripped, and her sketchbook fell out of her hands, and so did the paper, it flew and landed by the girls feat. Ocean stared in horror and stood up quickly.

message 29: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani looked her lips and looked down at the drawing. She reached down and slowly picked it up, then she looked around and saw Ocean. She walked over to her and pulled her to her feet "Is this yours?" she asked with a light smile. She thought the drawing was beautiful and wondered who the people were, not recognizing herself.

message 30: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani looked back at Jack, his words just registering in her brain. She was extremely confused and not sure what to do at the moment about him or the girl and her drawing.

message 31: by - 대박 - (last edited Oct 29, 2010 09:04PM) (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean grabbed her sketchpad and looked up at the girl, "uhmm.. that's mine. But really, it's yours. Can you tell? Look closely at the face." Ocean smiled and looked down at her feet while blushing.

message 32: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani looked at him "Yeah I'm fine," she gave him a light smile, but it wasn't a smile that had any happiness in it.

message 33: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments Tiffani then looked down at the picture again and studied it then looked up the girl "What is your name?"

message 34: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) "Oh.. uhh.. Ocean. I'm sorry if this is a bit weird, but I love to draw, and then I saw you two, and it was perfect and... I'm sorry." She looked down at her shoes, embarrassed again.

message 35: by Old Isis (last edited Oct 29, 2010 09:07PM) (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "No no, it's alright don't worry," she said as she held out the drawing to Ocean "Its very good, you're a great artist."

message 36: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean looked up at the girl, "uh, thanks. And no, you keep it, just let me change something." She grabbed the page quickly and put it on her sketchpad, "Name?" She asked Tiffani.

message 37: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "Tiffani,' she said "With and i at the end, but I don't want it, you should really keep it."

message 38: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean smiled, "I insist," She said then wrote. 'To Tiffani. Remember this moment. Love: Ocean.' Then she bit her lip, handing it back to Tiffini, "I uh... am sorry again for just sketching you without asking, don't hold it against me." she winked and looked over at the boy. "Oh hi! What's your name? I totally forgot you were there, sorry. I focus on things too easily."

message 39: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "I don't mind, I've never been drawn before," she said as her eyes followed Ocean's gaze over to Jack. She looked at him for a long time, her head kind of cocked to the side making her look really cute and confused at the same time.

message 40: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean looked over at the boy and waited patiently for an answer.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Mckensie wrote: "He laughed "do you mean really? don't worry I get words confused as well" he said confused wrong

Jack ran along the path listening to his ipod blasting heavy rock"

Cheri smiled. "I do not know much English, I am French"

message 42: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) ((haah, it's okaay.))

Ocean smiled and held out her hand, extenxding it to Jack, "I'm uh, Ocean."

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

She smiled, also speaking French. "Very relevant!" She beamed.

message 44: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) Ocean smiled and put down her hand, "so uhh.. I'm so sorry, you guys. I didn't mean to intrude on you at all!"

message 45: by - 대박 - (new)

- 대박 - (dopehyung) "Oh.. I'm so sorry. I think I've embarrassed you, I'm so sorry again, if i have. I don't usually do that sort of think." Ocean said and then bit her lip.

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

"Ok" She smiled, speaking English now. She petted the dog. "Dalton, oui?"

message 47: by Old Isis (new)

Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 480 comments "Thanks again," she said to Jack "Foe helping me and all."

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

"Cheri" She said in her accent.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

Cheri blushed slightly. "Your name is very English" She smiled.

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

"I was speaking at someone earlier.. They never heard of France" Cheri said, looking concerned. "Strange"

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