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twilight vs ewww!!! i hate twilight

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message 1: by Joannie (new)

Joannie (sugarcookies) | 7 comments hey?!
where is ihartrob??
this is your spot light!!!!!

message 2: by Savita (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 13 comments Twilight made a great bonfire ☻

message 3: by warrior5197 (new)

warrior5197 | 7 comments Mod
i've never read twilight but i really never had the want to. so i'm gonna say EWWWW!!

message 4: by Savita (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 13 comments Bella is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”), which Meyer hides by calling her clumsy
Being clumsy is not a flaw if Edward always catches her.
When Edward leaves Bella attempts to commit suicide.
Meyer is living out her own fantasies by writing about Bella, who is clearly herself.
Just because every other word is a fancy adjective doesn’t make it good writing.
All the rules Meyer sets for being a vampire are broken by the end of the series.
The world population will come to an end because all girls who read this book will think they are Bella and will wait for their Edward to come until they are old. And he’ll never come.
Bella almost dies fifty thousand times, but Edward always saves her. This is boring.
Edward is too perfect and has no flaws either. Even vampires should have flaws besides wanting to suck human blood because it’s natural to them.
The reason the books became so popular is because Bella has no personality and any loser can put themselves in her shoes.
If Bella is so ‘plain’, why do so many guys fall for her within the first two chapters?
Bella teaches women to let the man handle everything, which pretty much is a huge step backward for women everywhere, who have fought for equality.
15. Isn’t it convenient that her father always leaves her alone and doesn’t question her?
17. Bella is a useless, whining, doll that suddenly has become the idol for girls everywhere.
18. People say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter. Guess what? WRONG.
19. Edward is extremely possessive, border-line abusive, and boring as anything.
20. It’s too cliché.
23. You don’t have to describe the character every two pages, we know all about Edward’s ‘perfectly toned chest’ the fourth time she mentions it.
24. Bella reflects upon herself through the entire novel to tell important plot developments. Hey Meyer, ever heard of “Show, don’t tell”?
25. She never uses the word fangs in the entire book series, and it’s supposedly about vampire.
26. Her vampires sparkle. Enough said.
27. Supposedly Meyer never uses the word ‘said’ in the first book, instead using breathe.
28. There is too much face touching.
30. We read the entire series just to laugh at the stupidity of it.
31. Meyer can’t think of original names.
32. Vampires can’t get people pregnant.
34. People think Meyer is the best writer ever.
35. The plot drags on forever, when it really could have been completed in two books.
36. Wow, yet another ‘original’ plot of forbidden love.
37. Why is it called the Twilight Series if only one book is titled Twilight?
38. It’s too easy to mock. Go on Youtube, how many mocks on Twilight do you see?
40. Meyer creates some interesting characters (Jasper and Alice) then gives them no development.
42. Fangirls are so blinded by their love for Edward that they don’t realize the book is awful.
43. Stephen King agrees that Stephanie Meyer can’t write ‘worth a darn’.
44. Where is Edward’s personality?
45. Edward’s been 17 for 100 years, yet he’s never been on a date?
47. Why build up for a battle that never happened?
49. It’s teeming with grammatical errors.
50. Bella Swan means beautiful swan, which is horribly cheesy.
52. All five female characters are useless without their male counterparts.
53. If the first 200 pages of your book rely on the mystery of a character’s identity, don’t slap “First, Edward was a vampire” on the back cover.
54. There’s far too little actual conflict in the story. That’s probably stems because of a flawless main character.
55. Their love seems fake: no one falls in love instantly, especially teenagers.
56. They only love each other because she smells good and he’s hot.
57. It’s not right to teach young girls that True Love involves the guy watching you while you sleep.
59. She’d been in Forks for 1 month but Edward’d been watching her sleep for 2 months.
60. There’s something disturbing about Carlisle turning only teenagers into vampires.
65. The reason Edward can’t read Bella’s mind is because she doesn’t have one.
67. Edward hits on the school faculty to get out of classes.
69. Vampires vs. werewolves. How original.
70. There’s nothing worse than a fangirl going crazy over a fictional guy. It’s rather pathetic actually.
72. Bella has no goals and no future, her life revolves around Edward.
74. Vamp books need killing. Instead of the hoped for violence, they talked about the baby.
76 “And I cried numerous times upon realizing there would never be an Edward in this world.” – quoted from Almuvira Anona on Yahoo Answers.
80. What newborn vampire doesn’t want blood?
82. Bella’s only deep thoughts are, ‘Edward is so perfect. I love him.’
84. Jacob, who didn’t abuse Bella and was nice to her, was dumped and she chose Edward. Hmm, masochistic much?
87. Bella is sending the wrong message to girls around the world: “Drop out of high school to get married, have a kid, and life will be perfect.”
93. Harry Potter could beat Edward any day with his magic powers.
95. James was in the story for, like, ten minutes. He’s there, they fight, he’s dead. Genius.

Excuse the numbering. I was in the middle of renumbering them.

message 5: by Joannie (new)

Joannie (sugarcookies) | 7 comments wow..........................................amazing.....cailey would blow up

message 6: by Ichigo (new)

Ichigo | 3 comments I agree. Cailey is ganna kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i geuss in SOME ways your right

message 7: by Savita (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 13 comments *Bows* I know I'm right. Ichicgo...?

message 8: by Ihartrob (new)

Ihartrob | 5 comments i hope you enjoy slow painful deaths :) not jk lol

message 9: by Savita (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 13 comments ...

But you know I'm right.

message 10: by Ihartrob (new)

Ihartrob | 5 comments btw the baby only wants blood, edward would destroy harry potter b4he could use one of the 4 spells that is in harry potter, it never says edward has never been on a date it says hes never had sex which makes him the only man that isnt a pig, edward does have flaws he is overprotective he is jealous(but still irrevocably lovable), she makes bella so relatable because making girls want to be her is the awesome part of the book, bellas dad leaves her alone because she is 17 and a cool dad who doesent hover, and the vampires dont have fangs because their venom is corrosve SO THEY DONT NEED FANGS, it is an original plot of forbidden love between a VAMPIRE and HUMAN, carlisle didnt only turn teenagers into vampires his wife esme HELLO , also you complain about the originality of the vamps and werewolves but you are insulting the originalness of the vampires !!!! GET UR FACTS STRAIT B4 INSULTING THEBEST SERIES THAT HAS EVER EXISED ihave more to say but igtg CHECK YOUR FACTS !!!!

message 11: by Savita (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 13 comments THEY NEED FANGS.

Forbidden love? Not original. Overprotective and jealous? More like paranoid and abusive. WHY would you WANT to be like Bella? What venom? Huh? Huh? She's not 18. He doesn't see a creeper STALKING his only DAUGHTER? WTF?

message 12: by Joannie (new)

Joannie (sugarcookies) | 7 comments wow!!!

message 13: by Joannie (new)

Joannie (sugarcookies) | 7 comments well all this talking is reminding me of sad deformed pancakes with out maple syrup
and too much body glitter................
that just made me think of lady gaga!!!!!!0.o
no offence to gaga lovers!!

message 14: by Ihartrob (new)

Ihartrob | 5 comments so the venom is unrealistic but the fact that there are vamps and werewolves is ? there are holes in your logic :P

message 15: by Savita (new)

Savita (haltranger) | 13 comments ...

Vampires and Werewolves don't exist...

message 16: by Joannie (new)

Joannie (sugarcookies) | 7 comments YAAAAA werewolves and vampires dont exist
if they did so would the power puff girls
and power rangers!!!!

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