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message 1: by Heath (new)

Heath | 10 comments Mod
This is essentially a placeholder. There's some really cool stuff going on with Dorcas that I want to get down at some point.

This will be relatively spoiler free once you've finished Shadow of the Torturer.

message 2: by Heath (new)

Heath | 10 comments Mod
To start, (via Wikipedia) Dorcas was a disciple of Jesus who was resurrected by Saint Peter after her death.

If it isn't already obvious, hers is definitely the hand that seizes Severian underwater in the Garden of Endless Sleep (which is a water-based cemetery). This is never stated of course but the chapter in which the event occurs is titled "Dorcas" even though she never makes an appearance.

Severian says that the hand seizes his the moment he touched it. He also unknowingly has the Claw in his possession at this time.

message 3: by Drew (new)

Drew (slam4008) | 7 comments **SPOILER about SWORD and CITADEL**

I've gotten to the point where they make it explicit, but it was already fairly obvious even if you hadn't told me (I'd totaly have gotten there on my own). I still think she's Severian's mother, but I haven't figured out if the time frame is right. I have a tough time getting my hand on his age and I can't help but think that Dorcas was in the water for a fair amount of time. At any rate her return to Nessus is interesting in the sense that it seems like Wolfe has an entire narrative regarding Dorcas that is occuring simultaneously as Severians's tale. He's a hell of a writer. But if she's his mother, then there is quite a bit of biblical precedence for returning to a home after a quest. Severian is an obvious Christ figure, but his horn-dogging if I might term it that suggest a more pagan vitality (I'm going to beat Baldur to death unless you stop me). I wonder if Dorcas isn't returning to reprise the role of the Eve/Mary figure and be instrummental in the birth of the New Sun/Son.

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