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Emma (zeeberg) Hey there.
Right, The Law. Maybe that's a bit dramatic. Please read this before you start discussing. We've had some complications with members that we'd like to avoid having again.
So this is a kind of rule set:

Be respectful
- It's alright to have different opinions, but you there's never a good reason to insult and be rude.

Have ground for your opinions
- Don't just give an opinion, without knowing why you have it. If you're going to participate in the discussion boards, you'll have to be able to defend your opinions.

Heated discussions
- It's alright to have heated discussions, but if someone calls a cease-fire, please stop. By the way, insults and rudeness are not a part of a heated discussion.

The laws about...

Cursing is allowed. Go ahead and curse; Shit, fuck, crap, damn it! Be my guest. Just Do. Not. Curse. At. People. It's perfectly fine to say that something is fucking this or fucking that, but it is not okay to say that someone is a fucking this or that. If you do tell someone that they're a *Insert curse word or personal insult* it can likely result in a warning. We are not here to tell each other what fucking assholes we are, we're here to discuss our opinions, assholes or not.

Thank you for joining, we're all looking very much forward to discussing, debating and sharing our opinions with you!

- Tha' Mods.

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Lynda Question: Do you have to be a moderator to start a topic? I have several I want to start. Please let us know.

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Amina  (journalistam) I don't think so... many discussions have been started by non-mods

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You don't have to be a moderator to start a topic, but if you would, take a look at the topics we already have so we don't get duplicates. That happened with a Twilight thread.

But, yeah, you can open whatever topics you want :).

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Smog1997 (confuzzlement) | 163 comments okkay

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