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The Blood, Grit, and Madness of it all...

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Lately, there's been a rise in some rather dark literature coming from Land of Saints and Scholars. As a passionate devotee of said Lit, I couldn't be more delighted. So here's the place to post, who's pushing the Irish envelope of darkness? Any thoughts?
I'll start with..

Ken Bruen- In Bruen's the Guards the main character is kicked out of the Garda Síochána for being an alcoholic. Bruen makes it clear that being kicked out of anything for being an alcoholic in Ireland is no mean achievement. But the greatest thing about this book? Is that in the midst of the darkness, violence & sheer black comedy of it all, there's very real moments of transcendent beauty & genuine human truth. Then of course, it's stright back to the darkness & violence.
Good stuff.

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Daniel | 4 comments I wrote two books about the violence in Ireland.

I wrote SEAN: that had a bit of humor in it but none-the-less shows the sheer nonsense of it all in that neither side gets what they want.

I also wrote THE TROUBLES which was far more fact than fiction and gave a pretty good view of that river of misfortune and all the tributaries leading into it in the 1970s.

cheers fitz

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