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message 1: by Claire (new)

Claire No truce here, so feel free!

message 2: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) I HATE PEETA THAT FELT SO GOOD

message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire I HATE GALE! Whew. I can breathe again!

message 4: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) I know it feels so good

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
ugh im not joing this convo ahha just lettin u guys know. im kinda tired of the fight, i need more of a break...

message 6: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) there is no truce so feel free to say Peeta is Awful

message 7: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
no. i dont agree! i dont wanna join in any fights at the moment!

message 8: by Paige (new)

Paige (thewordshakermockingjay) They're both awesome. It just happens that Gale is better...

message 9: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) thank you elizabeth

message 10: by Claire (new)

Claire Alright, we won't fight, but can we at least state our views?

message 11: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) yeah

message 12: by Claire (new)

Claire I personally think Gale knows Katniss better... but that they are too much alike to ever understand each other. Peeta is like Katniss's opposite which is good because they keep each other grounded and balanced.

message 13: by Cia (last edited Oct 24, 2010 12:57AM) (new)

Cia (chairmanmeow222) AGREED! and peeta is cool and sells bread which i think is really cool!

message 14: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) yeah but Gale hunts and saves his family which is even cooler

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
I love peeta very much. he is a really sweet guy who loves katniss. I do think that Gale is cool, and that he loves Katniss, but i think part of the reason why he does love her, is cause peeta loves her. and he doesnt want peeta to have katniss. HE wants katniss. sort of a male dominance thing.

message 16: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) i really wanted to see the whole she is mine no she is mine thing from Peeta and Gale but NO THEY HAD TO BE FRIENDS

message 17: by Claire (new)

Claire Grrr... I was looking forward to them squaring off at each other in mockingjay. But NO... they just HAD to be friends.

message 18: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) ikr

message 19: by Claire (new)

Claire I hate it when EVERYONE gets along. I like it when there is some personnel drama going on. Just a little though, too much and it totally ruins the story.

message 20: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) just a tiny teeny little bit

message 21: by Claire (new)

Claire Too much and I can't take it!

message 22: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) ikr

message 23: by Claire (new)

Claire Irk

message 24: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
ya agreed

message 25: by Elizabeth: (new)

Elizabeth: (elizabeth_white) yep haha

message 26: by Claire (new)

Claire That's why I hate soap operas. It's ALL drama and betryal and like fifty different shocking scandals going on at once.

message 27: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
oh and dont forget. someone always goes into some sort of coma.

message 28: by Claire (new)

Claire Yeah, I was watching my mom's and I asked if there were any happy couples and she said no and said she'd get back to me if there was one. That was last year.

message 29: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) WOW one night my cousins mom asked me to watch her soap operas and I was like no

message 30: by Claire (new)

Claire LOL, they are funny! It's more like it's mocking another show. But since it isn't it's even more funnier.

message 31: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) ikr

message 32: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
and they are wayyyy too overdramatic.

message 33: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
oh, the other day I watched.... ur not gonna beleive me...
a spanish soap opera!! Im learning spanish and i thought it would help me to watch a show in spanish. Ic an across that one spainsh soap and watched it ahha !

message 34: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) They are called novalas I kinda like them because my nana who passed away used to watch them all the time.I no longer watch them because if I did I would cry all the time.

message 35: by Claire (last edited Oct 31, 2010 02:38PM) (new)

Claire :( I've never had any close family members die.

message 36: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
same here claire. well... kinda..

message 37: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) I have had 2

message 38: by Gillian (new)

Gillian | 185 comments Mod
that sucks

message 39: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
im sorry

message 40: by (Aero)driguez (new)

(Aero)driguez (aerodriguez) it is no longer so sad

message 41: by Claire (new)

Claire :(

message 42: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
oh.. :/

message 43: by Claire (new)

Claire what is :/? Another face?

message 44: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
yes. a sort of uncertain, unhappy but not quite depressed crying or sad face.
:/ or :-/

message 45: by Claire (new)

Claire Oh! I see.

message 46: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahhh009) | 238 comments Mod
haha :)

message 47: by Marianna (new)

Marianna | 142 comments Mod
I know I'm kinda Kate but....

I don't hate either one of them. Both Gale and Peeta are awesome. But it just so turns out that Peeta is awesomer.

Still, I was kinda mad at SC for being so indifferent to Gale. Near the end of Mockingjay she just threw him out as though he was an unimportant side character, after all the things Gale had done....I thought this was pretty unfair.

message 48: by Marianna (new)

Marianna | 142 comments Mod
I meant to write 'late' not Kate sorry

message 49: by Claire (new)

Claire Grrrr..... (don't move, the monster inside me can smell ur fear....)

message 50: by Marianna (new)

Marianna | 142 comments Mod
lol Claire I'm guessing you're Team Peeta...don't worry, I am too! =)

and Charlottem you can't say you hate Peeta. That's really unfair. How could you not love Peeta?? After everything he's done for Katniss...he's the sweetest boy ever.

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