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Anna Karenina
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message 1: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments Yea! We made it! Post comments here!

message 2: by Loretta (new) - added it

Loretta (lorettalucia) Wow, I wasn't part of this group read, but congratulations everyone!

Now I'm going to run and hide so as to avoid spoilers, as this is still on my TBR. :)

message 3: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments We've got a couple of weeks left, but I was housekeeping so I thought I'd get it posted. We are SOOOOO close though, and it's great, b/c it is a HUGE book, both figuratively and literally!

message 4: by LynnB (new) - added it

LynnB I finished this part early, but when you're that close to the end of the book, it's hard to stop!

I really enjoyed the parts where Levin is working the land and how he saw the people and the work going on there. Again, Levin is working out the "meaning of life."

message 5: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments I thought it was a bit over-dramatic, Levin's thinking that if he could just embrace Christianity he'd be a much better person. It seems very juvenile for a character that has really been the stand-up, well rounded, well thought person throughout the book. I do feel better that at the very end, he does find some peace in his being a good person despite lingering questions.

message 6: by LynnB (new) - added it

LynnB And who of us hasn't wondered, at some point in time, what life is all about?

message 7: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen (jeninseattle) | 140 comments Maybe that's the point huh? I really think that was a lot of the book, and Levin especially, is that he was just trying to work out some stuff that everyone struggles with at some point. And Tolstoy used Levin to work those things out on paper.

message 8: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicoleman) Everyone done?? WOW, you are amazing, good job!!

Alana (alanasbooks) | 456 comments I did enjoy that we got to see a positive marriage, in Levin and Kitty. Sure, they have marital issues to work through, but doesn't everyone? I think if we hadn't had them to watch in between the disaster of Vronsky and Anna, the book would have been overwhelmingly depressing. May they have many blessings in the rest of their marriage :)

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