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This roleplay is based on no serieses of DW. This means that there is no companion (from the show) and there is no real plot point until one comes along. There are two Doctors - Ten and Eleven - and due to.... uh.... matter transference there are two instead of one.

And if you don't know what Doctor Who is, you can go die in a hole.

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It is due to me thinking that not just Davey Ten should be in it.

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Epic though he is. I was talking to my friend Rachel in English (about docca hoo) and she said he was "super hawt" (davey) and me and elena said "you know he is Izzi's godfather" and she looked disturbed, then said "i kiss a poster of him every night". I laughed.

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xD Failure much.

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Silly girl. Roleplay?

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