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By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters

ugh! I can say that this whole year of 2010 there as never been a book that pissed me off the way this one did. It was a good read but it left so many loose ends, my fingers are tingling from the rage of not having another page to turn to find out what happen to Daelyn and Santana. I mean really, she walked into the light! There is one of two ways that that can be interpreted, she could have committed suicide or she could learn to exist as she is. What she chooses is not there and it is driving me insane! I hate open ended books.

The plot is good and addicting, the idea of a count down is unique and rarely done the way Peters does it. The main character, Daelyn Rice is torn up and tormented inside from years of neglect from her parents, from the brutalness of school and life. From the pure frustration of not being enough to just fit in. She has been teased and tormented her whole life and she knows the way that for sure will make it stop. At least it will if she can get it right. Daelyn has known from the age of ten that she has wanted to die. Her attempts to carry it out have failed so far and she is determined more than ever to get it right the third time.

When she isn't at school she is online at a website, Through the light.com. A site for people just like her. Who are sick of living, those who are looking for peace. Daelyn counts down the days until her next attempt, her final attemtp. Day by day she plots it out; how, when and where. All the basics. She slowly shuts herself out from the world around her and closes herself from her parents. No one cares, no one matters, nothing matters because it will all be over soon. That is the unsaid motto she adopts.

No one cares about her, she is invisible. Or so she thinks until Santana comes and sits on her bench and day by day squirms a little more into her thoughts and tries to know her life. That is something Daelyn can't understand. Why? No one talks to her out of the goodness of their heart. No one is kind to her. No one cares about her enough to ask her. Santana is a mystery that raises feelings Daelyn is trying to convince herself that she doesn't have. As her DOD (Date of Death) day grows closer Daelyn finds herself choosing. Is it truly too late to let some one into her life?

The whole story builds up to a suspenseful end that, in my opinion didn’t give what the body of the book had promised. It left a open end for the reader to wonder did she or didn’t she. Ack! Did Daelyn choose to find peace or did she choose to back out and live with what was done to her.
This is a great addition to the contemporary YA shelf. It raises awareness to a problem that is all too neatly glossed over at times when it is needed to be brought to light, bullying and its effects. Peters paints a portrait on just what bullying and a unheard voice can do to a human soul.

3 stars ! ! !

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Christa (christa_holley) | 442 comments Mod
Nightshade by Andrea Creamer

Okay this book tore me in half all the way down to my core and tested everything I liked about a novel. From the plot to the characters I was torn between loving it truly and being angry enough to growl as I turned the pages.
The world Andrea Cremer created was original and that was what drew me into it. The Heroine was crazy and conflicting and every character seemed to have more depth to them that was revealed little by little as the story went on. This made me very happy, it isn't often that I find a werewolf story that has depth to it. I was so scared that it would be the typical werewolf story, thank goodness it wasn't.

One thing that seriously irritated me was the huge love triangle between Calla, the heroine. Shay, the mysterious new kid (classic I know), and Ren the guy Calla is suppose to be marrying on the day of her birthday. Both guys not only weirded me out but they were just. . . typical.
Ren, a werewolf like Calla, whom she’s promised to is protective of Calla and possessive to the extreme. Ren comes off as being a huge jerk in my opinion. I found it hard to like him. Shay, the human boy who’s new to town. Calla saved once. (which was a major violation of the rules, of course). Both of them had their hang ups Shay was funny in a cheesy lovable way. All those romances about love at first sight, I'm not much of a sucker for. I tried but for Shay and Calla it didn't really work for me. Calla didn't seem like that type of girl to be drawn to Shay even if she did save his life. I think she was drawn to him because of what he is, new and key to much needed answers.

Nightshade was good on touching topics that not many other YA novels will. When does servitude become slavery. When is it right to choose love and freedom over family, this one is a common one but somehow the author built up the stakes much higher for Calla and all the other characters. The Andrea Cremer did a really good job in expressing just how much the people in Calla's life meant to her, even Ren.

I loved the heroine, she was really great and fresh. Calla is funny and really a doesn't take crap from anyone kind of girl. She is a warrior who is venerable, that is what I like about her.
Even the fact that she is super indecisive about what she wants in life.
Overall Nightshade was intriguing, sexy, and hilarious. I couldn't put it down until the end.
Oh, one more thing. I hate, hate, hate how the story ends. It bugged the heck out of me but I will patiently wait for the next installment.

4 stars!

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Christa wrote: "By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters

ugh! I can say that this whole year of 2010 there as never been a book that pissed me off the way this one did. It was a good read..."

Chrsta I loved this book. I've read it sevral times. I don't know why I liked it so much. I didn't like the way they listed so many ways to kill yourself, just if someone got ideas from it. But i liked her point of view and that she hardly speaks through out the whole story. I don't know there was just something about it, i think you're right about the loose ends too, but do you really want to know what happened? I liked the mystery of it.

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