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Adding our tutor's books

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The title of the book defied my Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary so I googled the word 'surranachronistic' and this is what one of the authors came up with:

"The Manifesto of Surrealism was published in 1924, dedicated to going beyond the narrow, middle class realism of the years following the First World War. For a long time, I have been involved in Surrealist groups and writing, publishing at first in the Surrealist magazine 'Brumes Blondes', based in Amsterdam. The realisation has grown on me though that the ideology of the present globalised world is not in least realistic any more: it is anachronistic - floating in a timeless, placeless sense of nostalgia, escapism, self-deception and vague anticipation. My wife Eleni Seliniadou and I have written 'The Surranchronist manifesto and other stories' to go beyond this situation, to make a new bid to overcome the narrow boundaries that close in our world."

It took me years to understand Magritte and Dali, unfortunately I don't have enough years left to get to grips with Surranachronism, but it's a smashing word.

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Gayle (gayleramage) | 2 comments I've had an email from my tutor but she appears to have a different last name in the Tutor Groups/Forum section.

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I can't find anything at all published by my tutor but so far I've only looked at Amazon and she could publish under a nom de plume.

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