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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 146 comments Mod
Case of Kyle Kelley: It's 10 p.m and Kyle is on his way home after an argument at home escaladed into violence causing him to leave. He's laughing to himself about the previous memories that he had. Kyle decides to take a quick walk to the mall to clear his mind before returning home. He cuts across a vacant parking lot and walks underneath a ramp leading to other parking spots as you drive higher. He leans against the concrete wall and takes a few breaths before closing his eyes for what he thinks is a few minutes. The next thing he knows, he's on the ground grasping at his neck. He can't breath and is losing precious air by the seconds. His hands are restraint so he can't escape. The face of the killer is revealed to him intentionally. Kyle has lost consciousness. He is thrown into the trunk of the car and his body is driven to a bridge.
A 20 pound brick is tied around his neck before his body is thrown over the edge to drown. The car drives away only leaving a bloody knife at the scene.
But before the killer drives off, they carve the word "love" in Chinese symbols into his neck.

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HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Victoria Heart's Murder It's 2:30am Vic's still awake texting when she hear's a car she first thinks it sounds like her friend Autumn Chevy. Then a young boy walks in a few years older than her. her front door is unlocked her rapes her and she's a virgin so it hurts. Later he shoots her in the back of the head. Her throws her in the chevy. an hour later her body is found and she is dead.

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