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message 1: by valee (new)

valee Dan was amazing. I really thought he was the most biggest asswhole ever at the beginning but that made me love him even more at the end. He's my fav hero so far. I loved how he was able to understand Phoebe from the beginning, he just knew what she needed and everything he made for her made me love him even more.

Hodan ( Jama (hothanjama_) I wasn't a fan of Dan from the beginning! he judged Phoebe for how she looked and dressed and NOT for who she was. he didn't give her a chance, he called her a bimbo and didn't think she had a brain.

I'm not saying that i didn't like him b/c thats not true, hes my favorite hero of the Star books.
i just think that he didn't understand Phoebe at all, over half of the book i thought that he was an asshole. he didn't see that she was different from other women, i don't know how he didn't see it when they first got together at the away game. That was a big NEON SIGN to me even if i didn't know her story.

message 3: by Val (new)

Val (valevals) I love Dan! He's my favorite hero from the series! Love him, love him!
Yes, he was kind of an asshole with Phoebe but she wasn't the greatest person with him either. She acted like a bimbo with him. How we wanted him to believe otherwise?
Phoebe and Dan are my favorite couple from the series. I love how those two got together. I love his gestures towards her, like in the game when he was trying to save her. Or the new memory he gives her in the last chapter.

message 4: by SmittenKitten (new)

SmittenKitten | 5 comments Dan Calebow **fans self**... he's on my top heroes list. :D Neither Dan nor Phoebe were perfect, they both have their faults. That's what I liked most about them and why I think they work so well as a couple.

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