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valee I loved Bobby Tom. How he was a ladies guy and loved them all,lol. I thought he was cute like hell since he first appeared. And that he ended up with virginal Gracie snow was just too cute.

I laugh so hard when he told ladies about his tough childhood with his hooker mother when he had the best childhood with a terrific family.

And him trying to be an actor was just hilarious, poor guy I felt sorry for him so many times, specially when the other actress started loosing milk,lol.

Hodan ( Jama (hothanjama_) omg when we first met Bobby Tom in "It had to be you" i thought he was cute but i didn't think he was a leading man material and i thought his name was LAME and so HICK but than i read "Heaven, Texas" and i was shocked!
I read HT 4 times just b/c of Bobby Tom. i loved that he was funny, smart, giving, and loyal. I loved Gracie and his story, i loved that without her the town and millions of other people would eat him alive. i loved that she was the first person who cared about what happened to Bobby Tom and HIS needs, i loved that she said no to the insane town when he couldn't bring himself to say it.
and oh god i think Bobby Tom is the funniest hero of the CS books or any other SEP book. i loved that half of the book he was bullshiting everyone especially Grace with the stories. I so agree with you Vale, the tough childhood with the hooker mother was hilarious b/c he really got me, i felt so sorry for him. i loved the road trip, i loved that he kept talking to Grace when he was on a date with the woman. AND omg i loved how their story started with Grace and her bad stripping.

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