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valee In this installment we have a single mother arriving to her home town after suffering many injustices. Of course she is lucky enough to come into Gabe's way. Oh you, lucky lucky girl,lol. I loved Gabe. He was a family man, he had an amazing and caring wife and a very cute boy just to loose them against a drunk driver. He was a man suffering, almost loosing himself into pain. But they find a way to survive and improve everything together. But not in the typically cheesy way. No, they face many problems and uncomfortable situations. And at the end everything just gets perfect.

I loved the hero and the heroine in this book. They definitely made it into my favs. It had a rough start as well but not as bad as the one in book 5. I loved this one!!! 5++ stars!

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I don't know how to convey well enough how a certain book an author writes lives in my heart but I will try. This story along with two other SEP books always has me in tears at different points every time I read them and laughing out loud because they are at times also very funny. I also consider them my favorite SEPs :)

Dream a Little Dream was so well written ( imo ) that I appreciate where she takes me. I do NOT read tearjerkers. The sad ending of a book depresses me these days. This story wasn't sad though it WAS an emotional read.

Favorite parts of this book... Edward, had to love his self proclaimed nickname. He broke my heart when he was trying so hard to act like he was ok but there were signs he was in distress. His attempts to try and get both Gabe and his mother on the same page so they would'nt have to leave.

Gabe, what a place to start the reader at...with a hero that had lost so much. At times he was terrible to Rachel and in dealing with Edward. It was again good writing on SEPs part because I kept on reading the book.

Rachel, a mother I think we'd all hope to act like if we were put in an extremely stressful environment while under economic devastation. She never moped around and was up for whatever was thrown at her as long as her child was safe.

Her secondary story lines were great and I enjoyed those characters as much as I did the hero and heroine.

Kudos, SEP...

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