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Morning, Saturday June 9

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Tey pushed Sara, who was in a wheelchair, into the cabin, then helped her into an empty bed. "Sleep, read, but don't get up unless you have to use the bathroom," she said, leaning two crutches next to the bed.

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"Ok thank you!"Sara said smiling.

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Tey gave a strained smile back, then left for the infirmary.

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Sara sat on the bed for a minute starting around.

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Sara grabbed the crutches and limped over to the fire. "Hestia!'she called.

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Hestia appeared in the room. She walked over to Sara and gave her a huge hug and helped her back to the bed. "What happened?"Hestia asked.

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Sara then told her everything from running away to the infirmary. "I am very proud of you but I think your friend Sam needs you know. use your powers well"Hestia said and kissed Sara on the forehead then disappeared.
Sara smiled and got the crutches and limped to the door.

(Zeus' cabin)

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