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Morning, Saturday June 19

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Sam walked in to the cold cabin. She looked around. "FAIL!"she thought. She saw a statue of Zeus a one that looked angry. "Wow great job Zeus!"she said out loud.
She hated Zeus. He never even visited her. Hera tried to kill her many times and Zeus never helped. Finally Hestia told her and Sara about their parents. Sam grabbed a cot far away from Zeus as she could. "I hate you"she said laying down under the sheets. They were freezing so Sam got up and went over to the fireplace. she lit the wood with a snap of her fingers and sat by the fire getting warm.

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Sara limped in. "Hi Sam!"she called.

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Sam smiled and got up. "Come on let's get out of here"she said. "Wait you mean like leave?"Sara asked confused. Sam nodded. "I hate it here. It is so lonely in here and I am used to you with me. Nobody seems to care about u!"Sam cried.

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Annabeth  (annabeth123) | 5 comments Bellginia walked in,"Hey guys!"

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