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Cupcake Girl | 41 comments Jewl swam through the thick, slimy seaweed. She new that she had to get to land in secret. If any human saw her emerge from the water still in mermaid form the secret would be out. Finally Jewl was out of the seaweed and swimming in open sea again. She stuck her head out of the water. Yes she was at the cove, it was safe to come out.

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Cupcake Girl | 41 comments Jewl could see Silver and some others in the cove; they were waiting for Jewl.
"Where were you?" Asked Silver

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Sky wandered around on shore. School hadn't started yet.

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Aria swam through the ocean, her long silvery blue tail swishing the seaweed aside.

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Sky sat down on the edge of the harbour. Her bare feet were inches away from the water.

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Mela swam over looking for her sisters "Aria where are you"

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Cupcake Girl | 41 comments Jewl ran up to sky.
"Hi Sky." she said. "What a pretty locket! Can I see?"

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She looked up. "Oh, hello Jewl. Of course. Just don't drop it." she unlatched the ornate locked from around the neck.

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"Aria there you are...I been looking everywhere for you..we have to hind Sky" Mela swam up to Aria and Jewl "Hello Jewl"

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Sky looked at her. "Oh, hello."

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((read my charrie aria and sky are mela's sisters if that's ok))

"Hello..come come"

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((No thanks.))

Sky raised her feet up. "...."

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Mela swam as fast as she could to where Sky was

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Sky didn't see her. She took back her locket, and looked at it.

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"Sky" Mela yelled out of the water

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Sky looked up. "Mela?"

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Cupcake Girl | 41 comments Jewl opened the locket. Inside was a moving picture. (Mermaid technology) It was of us; me, Sky, Silver,Mela and Aria.
"Sky! What if a human sees!"

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"That's why I'm stopping you don't get in the water" Mela looked freaked

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Alec swam over to Jewl "Hey there"

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Cupcake Girl | 41 comments "Umm hey. Have you seen Aria any where? I think Mela's looking for her." Jewl replied

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"Nope..Hey where did you get that locket" Alec looked down at it

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"What if they see? It'll just be still to them." she said, snatching it back.

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Cupcake Girl | 41 comments "Oh."

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"Yes I know...why are you out on land anyways" Mela swam closer

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"I got this locket from my grandmother. And I live on land now. I thought you knew that."

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"Then why are you near the water" Mela came to shore and her tail turned into a pair of legs

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"I like to be here. I'm still mermaid. Just I like to hide it."

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"But why don't you miss us" Mela smiled

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"I do miss you. But I have other friends as well. Human friends."

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"Well yes i know that i have a human boyfriend but i still live in the water"

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"And I choose not to."

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"I know but I never see you"

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"Well I'm busy. I have things to do. I have a boyfriend too...."

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"Oh you do know "Mela crossed her arms and smiled

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"Yeah, but he doesn't know..." she heard footsteps. "Someone's coming," she hissed.

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Mela lookked and seen Alec walking with Matt "Alec Hey" Mela got up "This is my best friend Sky"

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"Hi." she raised a hand.

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Aria rushed up to the surface, doing a flip and then splashing back into the sea.

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Mela heard a splash and looked at Sky and back at the water "Hello" Alec smiled "This is Matt"

Matt smiled at Sky

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Aria swam down to Mela, Sky and Matt. She waved.

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Sky smiled back.

((Are they dating yet? Or just crush?))

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☮♥☮Love&Peace☮♥☮ wrote: "Aria swam down to Mela, Sky and Matt. She waved."

((nnnoooo! Matt and Alec don't know about mermaids!!!))

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((not dating yet))

Mela smiled looking at the water "Alec why don't you take Sky and Matt somewhere and I'll meet up with up" Mela smiled at him

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((Who's up?))

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Mela watched as they walked away..Mela walked into the water "Aria what are you doing"

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"Um, okay."

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Mela waved to Sky and turned back to Aria

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"So..." she spoke to Matt and Alec.

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"So....What has Mela been doing" Alec looked at her Matt stepped closer to Sky

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