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Sports, Influences and Inspiration

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John Cicero | 71 comments Mod
What is your favorite sport and why?

Also do you find that sports influences or inspires your writing in any way?

For me, sports have been a major part of my life. I played football when I was younger and I have also worked for the Cleveland Browns. I have found the discipline from the varied sports I have been involved with have most definitely assisted me when I write.

This discipline as well as a “find a way” attitude has always helped me push harder to finish what I have started.

How about you?

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My favorite sport, physically, would have to be golf. I just took golf up in the last few years because my husband is a pro and intimadates me :) So I decided to take lessons. It has paid off. I'm better. Not good, but better.

I find the sport very challenging and I aim to conquer it. Living in the Wisconsin, there's not a lot of time to participate in the sport, so I live it up while I can.

Like golf, writing to me is a challenge. It is one that I need to face my fears on and conquer. I don't think it necessarily inspires me as far as ideas for books because that is not the genre that I choose to write in, but they are similar in challenge.

To add, football is my favorite sport to watch. I'm in so many pools and I just beat my husband in Fantasy Football so I'm super excited, LOl. Go Me!

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Sharon (fiona64) John wrote: "What is your favorite sport and why?

Also do you find that sports influences or inspires your writing in any way?

For me, sports have been a major part of my life. I played football when..."

I'm not really a team sports fan, to be honest. I have entirely too many unfortunate memories concerning the jocks when I was growing up.

I was an equestrian athlete (dressage) for a while, until some medical problems intervened and the doctors made me quit. I enjoyed my partnership with the horse, and the communication between the two of us. I have recently caught up with my former coach, and she is involved in the natural horsemanship movement. This is a way for me to remain involved with horses without ever getting into the saddle again, and holds a great deal of interest for me.

I don't see any obvious relationships between my riding and my writing beyond three factors: the discipline involved in both is the major one. Second, the heroine of my first novel (and the sequel WIP) is an equestrian.

Third, I am primarily an essayist, and it seems that an overarching theme in my work has to do with compassion; horses are prey animals, and they work together to protect each other. They are phenomenally compassionate creatures as a result.

On Sunday, for example, I met a 34-year-old horse who is permitted to wander at liberty on the ranch where my coach is now an instructor. Charlie makes his rounds all over the ranch, going into the barns to visit every single horse there before going back to his favorite spot. He walked up to me and put his wet, shaggy head against my chest (which is a type of hugging behavior for horses) and let me pet and cuddle him. I was just another friend for him to meet and share some affection with before he went on to the next buddy ... but he recognized that and shared some of himself along the way.

This may sound like anthropomorphizing to someone who has not been around horses very often. However, there has been a long-noted connection between women and horses that is rooted in the fact that, from a strictly evolutionary perspective, horses and women are both prey. There is an instinctive understanding about this matter that results in a bond of compassion.

Reference on this matter:
Horse, Follow Closely by GaWaNi Pony Boy From My Hands to Yours Lessons from a Lifetime of Training Championship Horses by Monty Roberts Chosen by a Horse by Susan Richards Of Women and Horses by GaWaNi Pony Boy

message 4: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Lane (jenniferlane) | 14 comments Great question, John! I've been a competitive swimmer all my life and I definitely believe that the determination and perseverence learned in my sport helped me complete my first novel. I've written a YA story about my beloved sport of swimming but it's rather unpolished and too long at this point. I haven't decided if I'll go back to try to rework it.

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Toni Nelson (goodreadscomtoninelson) | 20 comments My favorite sport since high school has been basketball. I even write about it in my book. I always wanted to play "forward" but was always placed as a "guard" since I measured in at 5'7" which was actually tall for a gal back in my day! Played until I completed my first year of college, got married and the rest is history... I still shoot hoops with my three grandsons!
A Beggars Purse by Toni Nelson

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Christopher Dunbar | 66 comments I would say that my favorite sport, historically speaking, is Hurling, which is about a 3200 year old (or older) sport involving opposing teams trying to whack a ball through a goal with specialized sticks (proper terminology, as well as rules and history can be referenced in the Wikipedia article I referenced.) It is similar in many respects to lacrosse and other team sports of ancient origin found in North and South America and elsewhere. It could be argued that sports like hockey and golf could have found their origins with hurling. Other sports, such as baseball and cricket, may have been influenced by hurling.

Because we incorporate ancient Ireland in our works, we also touch on the life and times of the people as well as the games and sports they played. Hurling is also mentioned in the Ulster Cycle, Cúchulainn is said to play hurling at Emain Macha as a boy.

Personally, however, I played Americanized Football, or as it is called here in the USA, Soccer. I played from a very young age through college, mostly in the goal, until knee injuries incurred while taking down an offender (and grabbing the ball) prevented me from being able to play any further.


Christopher Dunbar

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Tracey Alley (traceya) I personally love boxing but participating, not watching so much. I find it a wonderful way to release energy and get out any frustrations and then I tend to think clearer. Whether that helps in my writing I don't really know but I suppose it must a little. I'm also very fond of Yoga for much the same reasons, meditation helps me clear my head and is incredibly relaxing.

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dali48 | 11 comments I personally like cycling and walking etc... During writing on the PC - I enjoy breaks with gymnastics by my swing stick and accompanied of Oldies etc... I'm fond of meditation and Zen which helped me very much during illnesses. Yoga I don't know yet - there are so many other alternatives for me as an ex sports student... (dali48)

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