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Who is better And would win? The Avengers or The Justice League

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message 1: by Samori705 (new)

Samori705 | 15 comments The Justice League. They have all those powerful members while the Avengers keep on changing their members

message 2: by Quinn705 (new)

Quinn705 | 15 comments THE AVENGERS they have more powerful members and hve recently become 4 teams of the most powerful heroes in marvel

message 3: by matthew (new)

matthew  smiley (smileyworld) | 9 comments The justice league man

message 4: by Jacob 706 (new)

Jacob 706 | 2 comments the justice league superman would kick everyones but

message 5: by Alexander710 (new)

Alexander710 (awesome_sauce_clammysoup) | 7 comments Justice League.............

message 6: by Jinji (new)

Jinji (chaos_ej) | 3 comments it would actually depend on the avengers line up

message 7: by Gabriel709 (new)

Gabriel709 (gcgsk8rvamp) if it were spiderman, captian america, wolverine, ironman thor and ect avengers
but if not maybe the justice league. but the justice league is wack

message 8: by Bob (new)

Bob | 7 comments Which League and which Avengers?

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