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Nice Book but need to await the sequel

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Manojkumar Parmar Really worth to read but at the end you'll find it very difficult to belive how this book ended.
Truely one of the best book.

message 2: by Chidambaram (new)

Chidambaram Terrific Book. Middle of the book taking us to the seat edge with anxity.
But Hindu mythology was wrongly written as describing VISHNU as a God of destroyer. Though it is a story let me pleade Mr.Reilly to understood Hindu mythology which is also exists at the time of Egypt civilisation but not properly documented.
But all of my friends circle awaits for the continuation of this story.

message 3: by Abhijeet (new) - added it

Abhijeet Agree I was actually shocked to read that the god of destruction is Vishnu where as it is exactly the opposite of that I hope MR Reilly does more research in his further novels. Anyways the novel is fun to read it has kept me glued to the chair till I finished it.

message 4: by Dee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dee this post was originally started before Five Greatest Warriors was released

Maddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!

the five greatest warriors is a great book. But i didn't like how Wizard died. But other then that, it was fast pace action, love it. now im going to read the Hover Car Racer. (the only book by MR that i haven't read yet.)

Felix This series was great but the 'SCARECROW RULES!'

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