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The Man in the Brown Suit (Colonel Race #1)
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Carolyn F. | 4630 comments Mod
Originally published in 1924. This books features Anne Beddingfeld and Colonel Race. We will be reading this book for December 2010. We can leave comments on this thread. There may be spoilers.

✿ Deni (denidax) I just ordered it!

Martha | 96 comments Mod
I'll start reading tomorrow

Daga | 44 comments I have started reading it, I'm more or less half way through and I must say it's quite enjoyable. I am so used to Poirot and Miss Marple, that I somehow managed (sic!) to omit this book so far (ok, I confess, I ignored any book which was not with either Poirot or Miss Marple - wrong, very wrong). I feel ashamed because it seems that my approach was completely unjustifiable.

Can't wait to see what others think about this book :D

Carolyn F. | 4630 comments Mod
That's wonderful Daga. I've not read the book myself before so I'm looking forward to it.

✿ Deni (denidax) I have just finished. I quite liked it but, once again, I was surprised about how easy was to fall in love in those days!

I really liked the story: young girl looking for adventures... it sounds like me when I moved to England!, although it took me a bit longer that it took Anne to fall in love with my husband! ;o)

My review:

Martha | 96 comments Mod
I finished tonight, and, I amazed that no matter how many times I read it, I love this book, I agree with Deni, the story of the young girl looking for adventures, well, is simply fascinating...

Daga | 44 comments I have finished as well :D
I am still trying to figure out what I think of this book but I must say it was ups and downs including a moment when I simply couldn't believe that it was still Agatha Christie I was reading. In the end I got over this point and then it was ok. Neverthless I can't get rid of this feeling of something a bit too tacky for AC. Maybe I'm just not used to her getting so much into description of a 'love affair'.

Carolyn F. | 4630 comments Mod
Oooh, now you got me wondering Daga! Hopefully I can read it this week.

jennifer (mascarawand) | 95 comments I read this one about a year ago and really liked it. A.C. did like her plucky females.

 Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ  (tivarepusoinegnimunamuhsunegiuq) | 28 comments Mod
umm... too romantic? :P

Martha | 96 comments Mod
Yes, maybe, but, still a great book, isn't it?

 Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ  (tivarepusoinegnimunamuhsunegiuq) | 28 comments Mod
yes it is. without Poirot/Marple, my faoroites are And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express

✿ Deni (denidax) Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ wrote: "yes it is. without Poirot/Marple, my faoroites are And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express"

Ohh... they're my favorites as well :o)

message 15: by Daga (new) - rated it 3 stars

Daga | 44 comments SPOILER!!!
Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ wrote: "umm... too romantic? :P"
well... I wouldn't say too romantic but the part on the island when Anne and, I've forgotten his name by now... the guy live like two cast-aways 'far from the madding crowd' and everything seems perfect and then the happy end...well for me that we way too much. What I like in AC's books is that the so called 'romantic part' is subtle and often somewhere 'behind the lines' while in this book it became almost the main theme. But that's just my impression.
I don't recall now what title was it but I did appreciate the intriguingly almost non-existing sort-of-affair between Poirot and a Russian woman (I don't know if I remember correctly that she was an aristocrat and a thief or something like that). It was hilarious to imagine Poirot being in love (sic!). heheheheheheehehhehe

message 16: by Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ (last edited Dec 31, 2010 12:33AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

 Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ  (tivarepusoinegnimunamuhsunegiuq) | 28 comments Mod
^ Ahaha.. in every moment, Mr. Poirot will match girl and boy in the end of the books :D

Though even his true love, Ms. Countess Vera Rossakoff, left him :P

message 17: by Daga (new) - rated it 3 stars

Daga | 44 comments Correct :p and yes, poor Poirot was left heartbroken (sic!) even though I doubt that he noticed it. I guess he never really admitted to himself that he could be so human, or rather sentimental or even emotional (btw, which book was it?, I need to reread it :p). In the end, the grey cells do not allow for such indulgence :p

 Δx Δp ≥ ½ ħ  (tivarepusoinegnimunamuhsunegiuq) | 28 comments Mod
^ book what? vera rossakoff? you can found her on Poirot's Early Cases (The Double Clue) or The Big Four. and her final final appearance is in The Capture of Cerberus in The Labors of Hercules

Carolyn F. | 4630 comments Mod
I finally finished this book. Not my favorite. Anne is far to spunky for me. This reminds me of Hasting from Murder on the Links with the instant love.

Fatima (totteringpileofbooks) I recently finished this book. If any of you guys remember, could you please tell me how Guy Pagett got to know about story of wager and roll of films? I'm still at loss. x_x

Fiona | 87 comments Just finished as I'm playing catch-up.

Remembered most of this from first time I read it. still prefer Poirot/Marple but did like the change of setting boat/ South Africa. Had forgotten the little twist at the end about Harry.

Now for Lord Edgeware Dies

Karen One of the first of Dame Agatha's I ever read. Got me hooked. Read several years back.

message 23: by Denise (last edited Sep 21, 2012 03:25PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Denise (dulcinea3) | 262 comments Still on my Agatha Christie kick in honor of her birth month. I'm trying to concentrate on earlier books so that I can reread others as you do (probably won't do all, but most of my favorites, anyway).

This one seems to turn up pretty regularly when people list their favorite top ten. I think it is because of the wonderful independent, fearless Anne. I suppose some could say that, like a famous other work by Christie, the inclusion of Sir Eustace's diary excerpts amounts to unfair misleading. But I noted early on that he made some comments that he would never write anything dishonest that he did in his diary; he saw it more as an opportunity to talk about other people. I was suspicious for a while of Suzanne, so I was happy and relieved to find out that she really was Anne's friend. I thought that the explanation for Guy Pagett's mysterious, suspicious actions was hilarious! Four children, even! All under his employer's nose, without Sir Eustace ever finding out anything about it. As others have said, this one was heavy on the romance, and I could even seeing it passing as a romantic novel - strong he-man sweeping the heroine off her feet, and her standing by her man against all odds! I never did figure out what the significance was of the roll of film that - Harry took off of Carton's body, dropped at Marlow House when he found Nadina's body, and Anne found there. It obviously was not THE roll of film. The only thing I can guess is that it was meant to be a foreshadowing of where the diamonds had been hidden.

Colonel Race will be back in a couple of months when we read Cards on the Table!

message 24: by Nathan (last edited Sep 23, 2012 01:06PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nathan (nthnlwly) | 243 comments Mod
Funny, Denise, I just read this one as well!

I feel terrible but I didn't really like this one! It was a lot different from regular Christie, and although I'm a sucker for romance, this book hit me over the head with it and I think that has a lot to do with my dislike of the book as a whole. I too was suspicious of Suzanne, Colonel Race (but I knew he was a good guy because I've read other books with him in it), Pagett, Harry, and basically everybody except who it actually was! Amazing how Christie can still do this to me!! haha.

Karen I read it a long time ago. I liked it, but not as much as some others of hers.

Denise (dulcinea3) | 262 comments Good timing, Trevor! Yes, in so many Christie books, you end up suspecting everyone at different times! Colonel Race certainly did seem very suspicious, but, like you, I knew that he is a well-known good guy! I do think that the presence of Sir Eustace's diary and first-person view of events tend to make us think it can't be him. I thought it was funny that he sent it to Anne afterwards. She was certainly popular - proposed to by three men! Race's proposal was the strangest - although we heard often that he admired Anne, it really seemed to come out of nowhere.

Right now I'm reading 13 at Dinner, and I am suspecting everybody so much, it almost seems like a conspiracy between the whole cast! LOL! I should finish tonight, and see who it really is.

Carolyn F. | 4630 comments Mod
This book is our December 2017 book of the month. Here is a link to that thread.

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