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message 1: by valee (new)

valee Well this one I was not that impressed about. I did enjoyed the end but not so much the first half of it.
This is an extract from my review:
"...The two main characters behave like the biggest asses in the world. First the heroine tricks the hero into getting her pregnant to not let him know nothing about it. Of course he finds out and it all goes down from there. They disagree in everything, shout at each other and discuss constantly all the time. They even say terrible things to one another. All this makes you hate this two characters a lot. If it wouldn't have lasted so long I could have changed my mind because the ending was really, really good. The problem is that when I say the ending I mean the last 30% of the book. And I am not overreacting, I checked the percentage on my kindle while reading it and it wasn't until the 70% of the book that the characters stopped hating each other. And the she just realizes she loves him, from nowhere, not because he was behaving better or anything. She just realizes it. It was very lame. Luckily from there, they really treat each other better..."

message 2: by Kajol (new)

Kajol | 6 comments Here's my review:
"After waiting for so long to read this book, I think I need to give a just judgment of what I thought of it. Reading reviews by different readers, I found that many people didn't like this book much. I didn't want to spoil my love and ardor for the Chicago Stars Series and I saved this one for the last because I believed that it might not be as good as the rest. Let me just that I was quite wrong in my hasty decision. I loved the book. I loved "Nobody Baby's But Mine" a lot as I turned pages, losing myself in the beautiful storyline.

I should say that in the beginning, I almost didn't like the story. I considered Jane an idiot for what she was doing to Cal even as I knew that she was desperate. But desperation doesn't mean being selfish. Anyway, the first few chapters repelled me and I felt like smacking some sense in that densely genius brain of Jane Darlington. But Susan Elizabeth Phillips once again exceeded all my expectations.

As the story continued on, I began to feel a sense of sympathy and compassion for Jane and I liked Cal despite his rude comments and arrogant little attitude. I couldn't help but admire how SEP described the reality of life, and those moments in both Cal and Jane's life where they fought, broke up, kissed and made up.

I enjoyed reading this book and I loved Jane's quick sassy replies to Cal's provocative rude comments. I could actually understand their mind sets! I laughed and I sighed as I moved on with this book and I should admit that I had a great time reading it. I recommend those who haven't gone through with this book yet not to make any hasty judgments on this book if they haven't read it for themselves. Variety is the very spice of life and I hope y'all make up your mind according to your tastes instead of relying on second-hand judgments because this book might not appeal much to some while be very interesting to others. Have a good time reading it! Its pretty awesome! :)"

message 3: by valee (new)

valee Great review Kajol!

message 4: by Kajol (new)

Kajol | 6 comments Thanks Vale! :)

message 5: by Archana (new)

Archana (arcoobaby) | 5 comments Kajol wrote: "Here's my review:
"After waiting for so long to read this book, I think I need to give a just judgment of what I thought of it. Reading reviews by different readers, I found that many people didn'..."

Beautiful review, Kajol!

message 6: by Kajol (new)

Kajol | 6 comments Thanks Archana! :)

message 7: by Lori (new)

Lori Baldi | 4 comments I was surprised to read the reactions of others who disliked the book. I didn't see anything at all alarming in the story line. I must have read something very dard before I took this on because my take on the beginning of the book was almost hysterical laughter. I can remember telling everyone at the time of the hilarious storyline. Really, how could it be taken seriously? I saw a bit of myself in Jane's presumption of the "dumb jock football player". I've never been impressed with the brains of a sportsman. Never. So I was sympathetic with her need for a dumb bunny. I'm no brainiac so it was kind of strange that she would think that the dumb bunny would make for a good sperm donor, but the premise I found to be just funny. I think my take on the story must have come from the fact that it was the first book to be read by SEP. I was an instant member of the fan club! The only book I have not enjoyed was Glitter Baby. Others like it, so it must be me!

message 8: by Loudice (last edited May 03, 2011 06:49PM) (new)

Loudice (yoys) | 7 comments Nobody's Baby But Mine (Chicago Stars, #3) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips was my very first SEP and I LOVE it! Even if I've read some of her other Chicago Stars books since, it's still my favorite! But since I haven't read It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars #1) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips yet (and a LOT of people love it!) I'm keeping my mind open!

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