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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Continue making characters here



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rachel Name: Iceclaw
Gender: F
Clan: River
Rank: warrior
Personality: Iceclaw is aggressive and quiet. She always spends her tome alone and is never asked on any patrols, so she will go hunting by herself and practice by herself. She not the strongness, but will use her swiftness and cleverness to usally win a fight.
Kin: none (dead)
Crush: Flameclaw (Thunderclan)
History: Her mother and father mated secretly. Her mom wanted to take her back to Shadowclan but her father refused, killing her mother, and taking Iceclaw back to Riverclan. He soon killed himself from the guilt of killing her mother.
Mentor/Apprentice: none

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Name: Swiftstar
Gender: Male
Clan: River
Rank: Leader
Pelt: dark brown tabby
Eyes: amber
Kin: Fernleaf(sister), Honeyleaf(niece)
Mate: OPEN
History: half thunderclan and half riverclan. got seperated from her sister at birth. took out his anger in battle and is now a great fighter
Mentor/Apprentice: Cloverpaw

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Tahtipolya Name: Lilycloud
Clan: River
Rank: Med

Eyes:Same as picture
Kin: None
Mate: Forbideen, but might gamble ;)
History: She was spending almost all her time in the med den as a kit, the other kits would be angry at her for not playing their dames.
Other: None

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Carson Name: Cloverpaw
Age: 8 moons
Gender: Female
Clan: Riverclan
Rank: Apprentice
Personality: kind,caring,a good hunter
Mentor: Swiftstar
Mate/Crush: OPEN

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Name: Darkpaw (stream)
Age: 6 moons
Gender: she-cat
Personality: She's usually quiet but can be loud when she needs to be. She's a good fighter and a decent hunter. She is loyal to her clan and looked up to the warriors.
Mentor: OPEN
Clan: river

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Wingstar Name: Jumpkit
Gender: she-cat
Clan: river
Rank: kit
Eyes: gold
Kin: open
Mate: too young yet but crush will do. :P
History: Her mother is deceased, she is taken care of by a foster mother now.
Other: soon to become a paw.
Mentor/Appretncie: open soon to need

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Appearance:small Balck and white kit with yellow/brown eyes
personality:smart,out going,nice


Appearance:Grey tabby with dark brown patches and brown eyes
Personality:Smart and loving,sweet,out going

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Sephiroth (Cinderbolt) | 54 comments Mod

Bringing this folder into view again. :B

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Eugenia9 **LS9** | 260 comments Mod
rank:Medicine cat
kin:Moonfall (sister)
appearance: pretty blue-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
personality:smart, sweet,loyal
history: Ever since Moonfall and her parents died she has always wanted to be a medicine cat so she could help cats that are in deep trouble and save hopefully save their lives. And she has always helped Lilycloud with herbs when she was a kit, then she was amazed when she memorized the all the herbs and from then she chose the road of a medicine cat.

appearance: Pretty Silver tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes
personality: strong,brave,loyal,kind,forgiving,determined,great at hunting and fghting,smart
history:After Bubblestream and her parents died she has always wanted to be a warrior so no one will ever die unprotected. Later on she discovered she has a great ability of both fighting,defending,speed movement and hunting, so she chose the road of a warrior.

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Silverbreeze | 1 comments Name: Moondark

Gender: M

Clan: RiverClan

Rank: Warrior


Personality: As feircely loyal as this tom may be, this also makes him rather judgemental and opinionated. His devotion to his Clan runs a little too deep, as he strives to keep the Clan pure- and will use whatever means necessary. He despises anything that isn't FullClan, and is undoubtedly pleased that his current leader doesn't seem too accepting of them, either.

Like his brother Adderfang, Moondark is observant, and can catch onto things that other cats might miss. He's also very good at peicing clues together and uncovering secrets, so the next time he's giving you a smug look... beware. He is alot more arrogant than his brother, and his pride is a big boundary for him. He refuses to back down from his decisions, and will justify whatever he does no matter how pathetic an excuse he comes up with.

History: -

Kin: Adderfang (Brother)

Crush: Open

Mate: None

Apprentice: Open


Name: Adderfang

Gender: M

Clan: RiverClan, and proud of it. He views RiverClan as one of the higher-ranking Clans that holds an advantage over everybody else, but is not arrogant about it. He knows that the other Clans can pose a threat and does not blind himself with overconfidence.

Rank: Deputy. Adderfang is not the sort of cat who ever dreamed of becoming leader, and only wanted to serve his Clan to the best of his ability. Whilst his brother had his eyes on the prize, Adderfang merely wanted to help RiverClan to become as powerful as possible.


Personality: Always there for his Clan and friends, Adderfang is a cat who is dedicated to the Warrior Code. RiverClan is always at the front of his mind, his own desires at the back, and the members of his Clan in the middle. He follows even the most ridiculous orders, but doesn't walk around obeying whatever his leader says like a mindless drone. His opinions are there, they're just never voiced. He's also the sort of tom who would look at it from others points of view to understand the reasoning behind their decisions. Actions speak louder than words, but Adderfang would never be the cat to start a rebellion if he didn't agree with something.

Adderfang is about as shy or quiet as he is judgemental. His arrogance can get to him sometimes, but he tries not to flaunt it too often. Instead, he has an aura of confidence about him. Due to this, many of the more shy cats tend to find safety in his self-assurance. It's either that, or they enjoy his unique sense of humor and easygoing nature. He may get competitive, but he always has good intentions at heart.

Adderfang may not have much to say, but his undying loyalty and humor speak for itself. He can get a little competitive and may be somewhat arrogant, but he's always there for his Clan and is supportive of anyone who may feel conflicted. He is not known for making friends in the other Clans, but isn't hostile towards them either.

History: I may make one later on.

Kin: Moondark (Brother)

Crush: Normally, I would write something to keep everyone guessing who their crush was. However, those were in advanced roleplays, so perhaps I shall cut you all some slack. Iceclaw.

Mate: None

Apprentice: Open


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*reads Moondarks personality* Hmmm....can i make him a half-clan apprentice? =)

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Name: Heartsong

Gender: She-Cat

Clan: RiverClan

Rank: Warrior

Appearance: description

Personality: Heartsong is very sweet and caring, but is very sensitive. She manages to find happiness in the darkest of times, and lights everyone up. She tends to try a little to hard to find love, but she's not as bad as she used to be.

History: Heartsong was born out of love from two cats from different clans. They both died defending each other in a battle right after she was born, and she has no memory of them.

Kin: None Known

Crush: She has her eyes on the prize. She currently fancies Swiftstar,but keeps it unknown, because he is too highly respected.

Mate: None

Apprentice: Open

Other: Heartsong believes in love all the way, and can sometimes scare people away with her "Too Cheery" attitude.

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