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message 1: by عبيدة (new)

عبيدة غضبان (obaydahamer) | 3 comments Hi everybody ,
Glad to be here with you , And so pleased to give me the honour of being a librarian ,, :")
Thanks a lot ,

Yesterday was my first try to use my authority , but I got confused a little bit ,

I tried with this book :

It has so many Arabic editions which are the same , So I tried to merge these editions , Following the instructions in the manual , :

1. Separate the duplicate and its actual edition from any other editions of that book.
2. Combine them just with each other.
3. Click 'delete this book' at the bottom of the edit book page. Note that this only works for books that have been shlved 5 times or less. It will merge with its actual edition because this is the most popular (only) other edition available in that combination.
4. Re-combine the actual edition with the other editions of the book.

But i didn't get it clear ,,

So if anyone could make it clear for me ,,
Or give me an example ,

I guess I had a "super-librarian" problem , Should this happen ? :$

Thank's A Lot ,
: )

message 2: by Melody (new)

Melody (runningtune) | 13278 comments Yes - a super needs to delete them. I got those. I see some others for that author too - I'll do a little more work here.

message 3: by عبيدة (new)

عبيدة غضبان (obaydahamer) | 3 comments Thanks a lot Melody ,, :")
Then it's not my mistake ,, :D

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