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A fox in a snowstorm StoneStar sat in the clearing.

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dancingbreeza walked over to Graytail and Stonestar.
"Waz up, Ya'll?"

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"Nya~So did I."

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"Stonestar, can I go on a patrol this moring?"

A fox in a snowstorm StoneStar stood up, "hunting?"

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A fox in a snowstorm "Ok, GrayTail? Will you go with her?"

A fox in a snowstorm "Ok."

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"Who-hoo!Hunting time!"

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Dancingbreeze snickered."Fishin time!"

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Dancingbreeze stuck her paw in the river, snatching a fish.

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Jaidyn | 50 comments Pearpaw was bored.

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Dancingbreeze giggled.
"To the fresh kill pile!"

Finpaw looked over at Pearpaw.
"I'm booored"

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Jaidyn | 50 comments "me too" (( gtgt))

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L (audinosbiitch) Deathflame padded out of her den, and saw Seamist padding towards her with a piece of fresh-kill. "Thanks." Deathflame said. Seamist was the only cat she was nice to, since Seamist already knew her soft side, she didn't mind as much exposing it to her. "Pearpaw! she called to her apprentice.

Seamist padded back to the fresh kill pile. She bit into a small fish. She wasn't all that hungry. She finished the fish in three large bites and stood. She decided to go hunting. She padded out towards the river. "Hello, Dancingbreeze!" She mewed as she spotted the she-cat padding toward camp.

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L (audinosbiitch) Seamist positioned herself in the shade, knowing the sun was warm in the water too, so fish would seek the comfort of the shade. Within seconds, a silvery fish darted into the shade, just inside her reach. Her paw darted out, snatching the fish in her extended claws. It attempted to jump out of her claws, but she was to quick. With one quick bite, she snapped it's spine, and killed it. She lay it down in the reeds beside her, and continued, looking for just one more fish.

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Dancingbreeze smiled.
"Good catch!"

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Kailani | 123 comments Rippledfur happily woke up after dreaming about chatching fish he walked out of the warriors den and got a fish out of the fresh kill pile he devoured it in tree bites afterwards he padded up to Stonstar and asked who was on hunting patroll

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L (audinosbiitch) Deathflame watched her apprentice.

Seamist caught yet another fish, picked them both up and started padding back to camp. When she reached it, she dropped the two fish onto the fresh kill pile and sat near an edge of the camp, grooming.

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L (audinosbiitch) ((...))

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Kailani | 123 comments "Stonestar is there a patrol you need me on" Ripplefur asked.

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Jaidyn | 50 comments "coming!" Pearpaw dashed to the med cat den.

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L (audinosbiitch) "Thank you for listening." Deathflame half growled, half purred in amusement.

A fox in a snowstorm StoneStar nodded, "if you want you can make a border."

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Misfit #1 HoneyPaw, ChargePaw, and RipplePaw tumbled out of the nursery. "StoneStar! Can we be apprentices yet? We're nearly old enough!!!"

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