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message 1: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch Here's my list of books so far! I finished 50 and had joined the 100 group with high aspirations, but I started school full-time and I am working. There is no way I can reach the goal of 100, but I'm hoping for 75!!

1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
2. The Tale of Halcyon Crane
3. The Partner
4. The Firm
5. Carrie Pilby
6. Jail Bertie and the Peanut Ladies
7. Asking for Trouble
8. The Heart Mender: A Story of Second Chances
9. Running with Scissors
10. The Undomestic Goddess
11. The Bright Forever
12. Dead as a Doornail
13. The Last Song
14. True Colors
15. Dead to the World
16. Club Dead
17. Living Dead in Dallas
18. Dead Until Dark
19. Handle with Care
20. The Summer We Fell Apart
21. Same Difference: How Gender Myths Are Hurting Our Relationships, Our Children, And Our Jobs
22. The Essential Difference: Male and Female Brains and the Truth About Autism
23. The Reader
24. Honolulu
25. Definitely Dead
26. Whores on the Hill
27. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella
28. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
29. All Together Dead
30. Little Children
31. Sundays at Tiffany's
32. LoveSick
33. From Dead to Worse
34. Bee Season
35. The Shack
36. What French Women Know About Love, Sex and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind
37. French Kiss
38. Change of Heart
39. Mermaids in the Basement
40. When It Happens
41. If I Am Missing or Dead
42. The Lost Symbol
43. House Rules
44. My Summer of Southern Discomfort
45. Torn Apart: The Heartbreaking Story of a Childhood Lost
46. This Lullaby
47. Sense and Sensibility
48. The Queen of Palmyra: A Novel
49. The Last Anniversary
50. The Last Juror
51. Sarah's Key
52. Lost & Found
53. The Book Thief
54. Bleachers
55. Playing For Pizza
56. Catch Me If You Can
57. Tomorrow River

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Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Stacie, that is a great amount of books! It looks like we like a lot of the same books too! I wanted to welcome you to the group, we have a lot of fun here and I hope you like it and feel free to jump right in and start posting if you want. What are you going to school for?

message 3: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch I'm set to graduate in May with my bachelor's in Business Management and Marketing. I'll be going for my MBA right afterward. :)

In the beginning of the year I was reading like crazy because I was unemployed, but once I obtained employment in early spring and school started back up I've slowed WAY down. It has been taking me at least a week to finish one book, if not longer due to my limited time to read.

I'm open to any reading suggestions you may have since we have some in common! :)

message 5: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Stacie, I will have to look at my list for this year and see what sticks out as being good and get back to you! Good luck with school! I am thinking of an MBA or a Masters in Health Administration (MHA). I'm in school burnout mode right now si I'm putting all ideas on the back burner for 6-12 months.

message 6: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch Thanks Andrea! I feel the need to finish with school right away, because otherwise the chances of me going back are slim. There are so many things I want to do, but don't have time because of all my school work. I think the best option for me is to get it all done so I can focus on the "fun" in life! :)

message 7: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch #59 The Girl Who Played with Fire - Much better than the first one! I can't wait to get the third.

message 8: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Stacie, I know just what you mean about school, but I need a break after 4 years! My boyfriend who has been amazing also needs some attention and he's so excited for me to be done that it would break his heart if I told him I was going right back. He knows I am going back, he would just prefer it is in a year or so...lol

I also can't wait to read the TGWPWF and TGWKTHN!

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Stacie Vetsch TGWPWF was so much better than the first book! It didn't take the 100 pages or so to get into, it took off pretty quickly and kept me engaged the entire time. I read the 723 page book in 3 days while still doing homework...I was impressed with myself! lol

My boyfriend is actually encouraging me to continue with school because he knows that once I'm done, I'm done. When I finish my MBA in 2012 that will be the end and we can enjoy much more time together! He understand completely and he's definitely my push to keep going. :)

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Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
That's awesome Stacia, isn't it great to have supportive people in your life! I know many times I sat and cried that I just couldn't keep up with the crazy pace anymore and Brian was always the one that had a hug and a pep talk ready. My family has also been great. If I can't find a better job to may my massive loan payments then I may go back in 6 months so I can defer my loans. In the meantime I'm going to enjoy every minute I can sit infront of the tv drooling! I also really want to use the time to get to the gym more and spend time with the people I love, that has been hard missing out on those two things.

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Stacie Vetsch #60 A Reliable Wife - Quick read, but interesting
#61 Grave Sight - A bunch of fluff, but entertaining!

message 12: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch Andrea wrote: "That's awesome Stacia, isn't it great to have supportive people in your life! I know many times I sat and cried that I just couldn't keep up with the crazy pace anymore and Brian was always the one..."

I completely understand. Right now, I don't have the means to make ANY school loan payments. I only work part-time, which I started in July after being unemployed for over a year. The unemployed period put me into a whole bunch more debt than I had planned, so my paychecks are going to bail me out of that right now. lol. The best thing for me to do at this time is just keep on going! School, work, and life get tough at times, but I'm working on better coping mechanisms. The past two weeks in particular have been rough on me between mid-terms, papers due, working, and trying to fit in time to spend with loved ones, but the little bumps in the road are just that...bumps in the road. Nothing to be too concerned with and I know that I have 4 weeks left of this semester which afterward will give me at least 4 weeks to spend with loved ones during the holidays before starting back up again :). I try not to take the short moments I get for granted, because you just never know.

I hope you can find a position that allows you to start paying off those school loans!! If not, there is always the option of defering based on financial inability to pay. If you can show them you have tried to find better employment and just can't make the payments, they will either defer or lower them for you...so that's always an option! Good luck!

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Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
It really sounds like you are doing the best you can and I'm sure it will make your future better. It's hard now but it will get better when you have a career where you can make more money because of your higher education. You are very right to take the off time and spend it the best you can. I was taking classes back to back with just a few short breaks and it was very hard. I am so excited to be done, but I know I'll go back at some point soon. Right now I just need to put myself first and the people I love. :) Thanks for understanding so well :)

message 14: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch #62 Lucky - inspiring memoir

message 15: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch #63 Grave Surprise - Charlaine Harris definitely writes fluffy fast reads, but intriguing!

message 16: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch #64 An Ice Cold Grave - Another Charlaine Harris mysterious easy read to get my numbers back on track!

message 17: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
I have to jump on this Charlaine Harris bandwagon, I feel so left out!...lol

message 18: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch Andrea wrote: "I have to jump on this Charlaine Harris bandwagon, I feel so left out!...lol"

lol! They are such fast easy reads, yet intriguing. I haven't found a series yet that I haven't liked, but I would have to say the Harper Connelley series has been my favorite. I may have spelled that wrong :) lol

message 19: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch #65 Real Murders - A different Charlaine Harris series to keep me going. Not as interesting as some other ones, but maybe the next book in the series will be a little better.

message 27: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Stacie, what did you think about TGWKTHN? I can't wait to read this one and I've heard it is great!

message 28: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch I loved it! It was a great wrap-up for the end of the series. I wish the authore was alive to reap the benefits of his hardwork!

message 29: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Me too, it is a great sadness to me :(

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message 31: by Stacie (new)

message 32: by Andrea, Moderator (new)

Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Two good one's on my TBR list! Now if I can only get to them...hahah

message 33: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch They've been on my TBR list for quite some time! I had to go into the office today because everyone else is on vacation, and my boss told me to go ahead and do something fun! To me, that's reading :) Tomorrow is the same thing so I hope to finish another book on my list...

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Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Good boss! My boss is okay with reading at our desks on breaks and when no one is around and everything is done. Sometimes I get a few pages in tha am, other than that it is just too busy.

message 35: by Stacie (new)

Stacie Vetsch In between holidays is slow here because most businesses/schools in the area are closed so there isn't anyone to contact. She knew I wouldn't have much to do, and this way at least I'm not bored...right now I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love, but I don't think I'll finish it today because I actually have a bit of work to do! lol....on normal work days we can't read at our desks unless it's lunchtime!

message 36: by Christy (new)

Christy (christy_t) The only way I am able to get away with reading is by downloading ebooks from the library. It looks like I'm working so no one suspects I'm not. :)

I'm typically too busy to read at work, but when it's slow its nice to be able to find something to read and keep me occupied while looking hard at work.

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Andrea | 4124 comments Mod
Stacie, I will be interested to see what you think of Eat Pray Love....

I read 3 pages at work today, it was CRAZY after our snow day closing the day before.

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Stacie Vetsch #81 Eat, Pray, Love
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This was a really interesting and inspiring book. I admit that I thought the woman was crazy in the beginning of the book. I really believed that she needed some professional help, but as I kept reading I realized that by finding herself she was able to help her mind and body through the rough times. Like I said, inspirational and a great read. I can't wait to watch the movie! Although, I can't imagine what the movie will be like because of the way the book was written...

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